A woman and child caught on CCTV throwing hanged clothes off common corridor at Toa Payoh

Earlier this month (2 Jan), a resident at an apartment in Toa Payoh made a police report after discovering from CCTV footage that their clothes were thrown off the common corridor by their next-door neighbours.

The CCTV footage captured a woman and a child walking back and forth the common corridor before taking the clothes – still attached to their hangers – and tossing them off the common corridor.

The incident took place at Block 148, Lorong 1, Toa Payoh.

There were two CCTV footage that caught the duo red-handed. The first footage starts off with a little girl stepping into the scene as she casually takes down a pink garments and throws it off the common corridor. She repeats the similar task – this time on a dark blue garment – right after that before stepping out of the vicinity.

After a brief moment of stillness, a woman emerges into the frame, staring directly at the CCTV. The little girl also enters into the frame seconds later. Judging by their reactions, fair to say they assumed the CCTV was non-functional. The first CCTV footage ends at this juncture.

The second CCTV footage offers double the action than the first. This time, the woman also got her hands dirty as she makes the first move by taking down a blue t-shirt and throwing it off the common corridor. Following her footsteps, the little girl strikes again with another blue t-shirt being the next victim. Subsequently, the woman steps forward and performs the final dispatch of a black garment. Both of them then exit the scene.

Watch both the CCTV footage (combined) here:


No response from the authority despite filing for a police report

Despite filing for a police report the day after the incident transpired, the resident whose clothes were meddled with in the aforementioned CCTV footage told TOC that they were left out in the cold without receiving any reply nor seeing any action taken by the authority.

According to the police report, the laundries were hung outside at the common corridor at 9am on 1 January. 12 hours later, the resident noticed some of the laundries were missing. After a search was made, the missing laundries were found at the ground floor.

Upon going through the CCTV footage, the resident identified the culprits as their next-door neighbours.

“After viewing the CCTV, it was revealed that at 1750hrs, my neighbour from unit […] walked past my unit, took down my laundries and threw it down to the ground floor,” as stated in the report.

Not the first time such incident took place, due to long-term dispute with neighbour

Interestingly, the resident noted in the report that “this is not the first time such incident happened”.

In fact, the resident attributed the shameful act to “a long term dispute” with the next-door neighbour.

Hence, in an attempt to “pursue the matter” in hope to settle the ongoing disagreement at hand and prevent any further shabby events, a police report was filed. But it’s just as shameful as the act by the duo that no action whatsoever was taken by the authority.

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