Another day, another brawl in Geylang.
A WWE-style street fight broke out between two groups of individuals along Geylang Road yesterday night (4 Dec), causing slight obstruction to traffic as they went onto the road.
The incident took place before midnight just outside Al Hariz Restaurant at 73 Geylang Road.
A footage of the incident shows a group of about six to eight people violently pushing and shoving each other outside the restaurant.
What’s more, a couple of them even resorted to using chairs to strike one another – as if they were reenacting their favourite action movie scene or a wrestling entertainment match. Fair to say they didn’t get the “Please don’t try this at home [or anywhere, so to speak]” memo.
Within seconds, the fight zone expanded to the main road as the assailants and their counterparts literally took the fight to the streets, which subsequently obstructed the traffic for a bit.
Plenty of shouting can be heard throughout the video, although what is being said are unclear. Most of the yelling came from this young Chinese lady in a dress who unleashed her fury of a thousand suns towards this one particular Chinese man in a pink t-shirt and black pants. Meanwhile, another Chinese man dressed in black can be seen attempting to console her.
In the midst of the hoo-ha, there was a remark, made in Malay, by someone close to the person recording the video – perhaps from the crowd of bystanders in Al Hariz Restaurant, saying: “These Chinese people giving a lot of problems. Even monkeys are better.”
Not long after the brawl ended, a few police officers reportedly arrived at the scene, and took the statements from witnesses and those involved.
According to the police earlier today (5 Dec), five people have been arrested.
The dispute, which was witnessed by a member of the public, was said to have been caused by some miscommunication at a nearby Chinese restaurant.
Both parties are said to be intoxicated.
It is not known if anyone was injured or taken to the hospital after the whole rumpus.
What is known, however, is that the streets of Geylang are no stranger to such a chaotic event. Earlier this year (4 April), a brawl with around 20 people broke out at a pedestrian crossing – near where Lorong 27A and 26 turn into Geylang Road – in the wee hours.
Watch the full video here:

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