It was reported earlier this month that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cousin, Ming Chai, is currently under investigation for alleged money laundering from China through Australian casinos (‘Xi cousin embroiled in Australian casino money laundering probe‘).
Ming has also been accused to be part of an organized money laundering ring. He is known to be linked to Tom Zhou, who has been implicated in a large casino scandal.
Australian Attorney General told the media that he had ordered an independent investigation into fast-tracked visa approvals for Chinese high rollers visiting facilities of major Australian casino operator Crown Resorts.
The decision was based on reports that casino “junkets” suspected of being linked to organized crime were funneling Chinese gamblers to Crown casinos.
Ming Chai, a nephew of Xi’s mother who has Australian citizenship and frequents Crown casinos, was found aboard a private jet with junket members on Australia’s Gold Coast during a search by domestic authorities in 2016.
Ming himself is also a high-roller. He was reported to have gambled tens of millions in Crown. He is now under investigation by the Australian police as part of broader organized-crime and money laundering probes.
The Australian police are also investigating if any immigration officials have been bribed so as to help in the fast-tracked visa approvals for the Chinese super-rich to gamble and to launder the dirty Chinese money through Crown’s casinos. The Australian police wanted to know if any of these Chinese super-rich are also tied to the Communist party of China.
Replying to the media, Crown said it “absolutely rejects allegations of illegality,” calling them “ill-informed and an attempt to smear the company.” It, however, has pledged to fully cooperate “in any investigation”.

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