Former HR Director in GLC: I’m really very fortunate to be a S’porean after listening to PM Lee’s NDR speech

ST Forum published a letter from Mr Luo Siao Ping, a member of the public, today (‘National Day Rally shows leaders’ foresight, pragmatism‘, 21 Aug).

In the letter, Mr Luo praised the foresight and pragmatism of the leaders from the People’s Action Party (PAP) in governing Singapore.

“I was really impressed and consider myself very fortunate to be a Singaporean after listening to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s National Day Rally speech,” he said.

“While other places in the region are embroiled in turmoil, our leaders have spent their time and the country’s precious resources to address issues affecting our country and Singaporeans now and in the future,” he added.

“It once again demonstrates our leaders’ pragmatic and sensible approach to addressing national issues.”

“In particular, I want to compliment the Government for its strategies to defend against the global threat of climate change, and the forward thinking in the plans to develop the Greater Southern Waterfront and Pulau Brani,” Mr Luo praised the PAP government.

Mr Luo is a prolific letter contributor to ST Forum.

In an interview with ST, he disclosed that he is a HR director living in a condominium at Lorong Chuan. He mentioned that his passions are reading, running, badminton and travel.

He said he started writing to ST Forum to propose extending the COE validity to 20 years so as to “reduce wastage of the natural resources” that go into the making of vehicles.

He added that he would write about any topics that he has strong views about, especially when he feels that his suggestions may “lead to improvements, or at least raise awareness of an issue”.

“This is my small way of doing something about things I care about,” he said. He wishes that Singapore “continues to be led by clean and capable leaders”.

TOC understands that Mr Luo has since left his job as a HR director under Singtel’s NCS.

Extending retirement and re-employment age doesn’t matter to retrenched PMETs

While Mr Luo is having a good life living in a condo and working as HR director in a GLC, PMETs like Shaun Ow, 39, is struggling driving Grab some 12 to 14 hours everyday.

Shaun was working in the private sector for some 11 years in various industries before he was retrenched 4-5 years ago. He then tried to find a job for more than a year before giving up. He ended up driving Grab to make ends meet.

Even though he could make $5,000 a month, after accounting for rental, fuel and other miscellaneous charges, he told the media that he has to practically drive 12 to 14 hours non-stop everyday. Obviously, Shaun would not be having any spare time for his family.

“Passengers sometimes think our job is easy – sitting in an air-conditioned environment is easy. But I always tell them: You find one weekend, have two one-hour breaks for lunch and dinner, and sit in a comfortable sofa for 12 hours just watching TV. You will feel sore backs, sore shoulders, sore necks, sore everywhere,” he said.

In any case, PM Lee’s announcement of extending the retirement age from 62 to 65 and re-employment age from 67 to 70 would not matter to PMETs like Shaun. Cause the more Shaun drives, the less likely companies would want to hire him as PMET due to his resume showing long period of work not relevant to the jobs inside companies.

Article has been updated to reflect Mr Luo’s change of employment.