Netizens dig out about PAP supporter after he publicly admits he was among the first to leak WP’s Raeesah Khan’s comments

Netizens dig out old tweets of Abdul Malik Mohammed Ghazali, who seems to be a supporter of the People’s Action Party (PAP), after he publicly posted on Facebook that he had been among the first to leak the screenshots of comments made by the Workers’ Party (WP) candidate Raeesah Khan.

Earlier on Sunday (5 July), two reports were lodged against the WP’s candidate for Sengkang GRC, with regard to comments allegedly made by her on social media.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that Ms Raeesah allegedly commented that Singapore law enforcement authorities discriminated against citizens, and that compared to other groups, rich Chinese and white people were treated differently under the law.

A screenshot of such comments was shared online and apparently made on 2 Feb 2018, citing an article published by Yahoo on 1 Feb 2018.

“In the context of a news article on the City Harvest Church ruling, Raeesah Khan allegedly commented that Singapore jailed minorities mercilessly, harassed mosque leaders but let corrupt church leaders who stole S$50 million walk free, and questioned who had been paid,” said SPF.

Following that, Mr Abdul Malik aired his controversial views publicly on Facebook – which has since been taken down – expressing his hopes for Ms Raeesah’s candidacy in the General Election (GE) to come to “an abrupt end” and it would be the “first walkover victory” for the PAP in the GE.

“Will she be disqualified? Will it lead to the disqualification of her whole team and a walkover in Sengkang GRC?” he wrote.

Mr Abdul Malik also hinted in his post that he was one of the whistleblowers who had circulated Ms Raeesah’s comments, which have since been making rounds on social media.

“Whatever it is, I’m glad I was one of the first to leak out and viral screenshots of her Twitter account. Thanks to the many unnamed sources with helping to provide the information as well,” he stated.

The PAP supporter also seems to be making a threat against Ms Raeesah’s father, “Who cares about your father? SMCCI very big, meh? Best for you to step down, Raeesa, or he’ll be next”.

His Facebook post, however, has since been taken down after it garnered a negative response from many netizens. One netizen had even posted screenshots of Mr Abdul Malik’s tweets that contain a racial slur on Twitter.

Another netizen posted in the Twitter thread, calling out Mr Abdul Malik for being “so inconsistent” as he would “preach Malay-Muslim superiority in one tweet” and then going “semi atheist” in another tweet.

The Twitter user also brought up Mr Abdul Malik’s previous comments “burn Vivian Balakrishnan and the PAP” which was made in 2011 – in which he was arrested over his online comments about the Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

It didn’t stop there as another Twitter user posted about Mr Abdul Malik’s fraud case when he was an insurance agent for the Great Eastern Life Assurance.

Shortly after, Mr Abdul Malik’s Twitter account was found to have been removed.

What’s more, Mr Abdul Malik seems to have made violent remarks in the past. On 14 March 2018, he penned under the comment section of TODAY’s Facebook post – which covered about Singapore’s integrated approach to tackle the spread of fake news –  suggesting to “hang” individuals who have been found creating fake news.

He wrote, “Actually, I really would be happy if people who create fake news get hanged”.

While on 8 March 2018, he wrote a comment on Channels NewsAsia’s Facebook post – which covered about the Government’s plan to allow more Malay students from low-income families to benefit from Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy scheme – noting that people shouldn’t be “jealous” if Mendaki provides such benefit for the Malay students.

He added that the Malay community are currently “last in everything amongst the 4 races” except for “jail population, drug addicts, divorce cases and the number of children per family nucleus”.

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