Deer crashed into motorcyclist on Upper Thomson Road

Yet another deer collision was caught on camera, this time on Upper Thomson Road. A car dash cam caught sight of a deer running full pelt out of the tree line and crashing straight into a motorcyclist. The animal got back up right after the collision and stood on the empty road looking dazed. The motorcyclist on the other hand, stayed down.

The video was posted on Facebook page by Kennedy Tan on Tuesday, 12 March. We don’t yet know the conditions of the driver or the deer.

This is the third deer-on-road incident we’ve reported on the past five months. Back in November 2018, a deer was seen walking in circles on Lornie road. In December 2018, a motorcyclist collided with a Sambar deer along Mandai road – the cyclist suffered multiple abrasions while the deer did not survive. Earlier in the year, in February 2018 a deer was hit by a vehicle in Mandai Road while in June, a deer wandered onto the Bukit Timah Expressway causing a three-vehicle accident.

All these incidents happened in areas that are being developed – the construction of the Lornie Highway across Bukit Brown and the relocation and expansion of the Jurong Bird Park and new rainforest park in Mandai.

As for this recent incident, there is also currently development underway in the Upper Thomson Road area –  a park connector is being built to link the Central Catchment Nature Reserve to the upcoming Thomson Nature Park which is also under development. The connector is meant to provide safe passage for wildlife to move between the two forested areas.

With yet another animal collision on the road, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and other relevant authorities should really look into effective way of protecting both Singapore’s wildlife and human population from each other. In particular, they should investigate why these animals are ending up on roads so much in the past year and come up with an effective solution to the problem.