Photo: The Godmother's post on Twitter

Train service disruption along the North East Line on Monday afternoon

After a train delay incident along the East West Line on Monday morning, another train service disruption occurred in the afternoon along the North East Line (NEL).

This time SBS Transit, the NEL train service provider, managed to inform passengers about the delay at 5:06pm before there were any complaint or question posted on social media platforms.

According to the SBS Transit announcement on its Twitter and Facebook platforms, the disruption was caused by power fault at Farrer Park NE8; additional travel time about 20 minutes was expected for both directions:

At 5:16pm, 5:30pm and 5:38pm SBS Transit again tweeted, informing that there were no train service between Farrer Park NE8 and Potong Pasir NE10; free bus rides and subsequently bridging buses were available:

There were nearly no complain from commuters on social media platforms – perhaps as the result of the quick announcement from the SBS Transit on the delay and the fault; however an upset passenger grumbled that the free bus service was not well-orginised, although she mistook SMRT as the NEL service provider:

Another tweet is from a commuter candidate who hoped that the problems were already solved when she has to go home:

At 5:53pm another post on Twitter from SBS Transit informed that NEL full services have resumed and the problems were resolved:

And at 6:07pm; another tweet informed that the free bus rides and bridging buses services had stopped:

There were no other post from commuters concerning the NEL delay.