Train breakdowns along the NSL and BPLRT on Wednesday morning followed by EWL in the afternoon

Train breakdowns along the NSL and BPLRT on Wednesday morning followed by EWL in the afternoon

Train services along the North South Line were disrupted this morning (14 Nov) since around 5am and passengers still experienced delay after 8am. While this disruption was occurring, the Bukit Panjang LRT (BPLRT) also broke down about 7:20am. The BPLRT train delay also affected commuters after 8am.

And at about 11:30 am, information was also posted on social media platforms that the East West Line (EWL) experienced a traction power fault near Jurong East Station. The information was announced at Aljunied Station; SMRT offered no official information on this breakdown.

SMRT informed the NSL break down with a post on the Twitter platform at 5:09am, informing that it was due to a signal fault:

And SMRT posted another tweet at 5:31am:

On the TATA SMRT Facebook platform at 6:21am a commuter posted information about the train delay along the NSL:

Adriel Ho wrote at 6:21am: “Boarded at ADM at 6.00, reached YSH at 6.20. Pls plan accordingly. Train stopped abruptly 2 times (probably to change between manual and auto modes, I think) so keep safe…”

At 6:27am SMRT tweeted that the NSL signaling fault was cleared, train services were progressively being restored:

And at 6:52am it said that train services between Yishun and Woodlands have resumed, free regular and bridging bus services have stopped:

But posts on the Facebook showed that passengers were still very much affected and inconvenienced by the fault long after SMRT said the train service has resumed:

Tommy Soon shared a photo at 7:49am, he wrote: “Huge crowd at boon lay mrt station.”

At 7:53am Tommy Soon added: “They redirect the entry and exit due to some reason (I am not sure) only know it cause 5mins-7mins delay to reach the platform.”

And Lim Yu Ke, commenting to Tommy Soon post, wrote at 8:06am: “ I think less than 5 entry gates open.” He also shared a couple of photos:

Tommy Soon also wrote that Train is moving slowly due to wet weather.


On Twitter platform passengers also posted complains on the NSL delay:

Lamos tweeted that it wasn’t a signal fault but power fault that caused the disruption:

As could be seen on the comments above, many commuters are not happy with the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s decision to install scanners at selected stations across all rail lines which started on 13 Nov. This is as part of six-month trial where some commuters may be screened before entering fare gates, but people would prefer better service and fewer disruption on the MRT lines.

While the train breakdown still affected the commuters on the NSL, another breakdown occurred along the LRT:

There were no official information from SMRT on the BPLRT disruption; however, commuters’ post on TATA SMRT Facebook informed there were announcement and ground reports in the station.

Ong Chee Kuan wrote at 7:24am: “Bukit Panjang lrt is down currently. Due to track fault. There is announcement in the station on this delay.”

Daniel Koh wrote at 7:24am: “BP LRT all trains stop due to track fault.”

Alan Charles Yap wrote at 7:30am: “UPDATE as at 07:43 – ground reports that BPLRT is progressively returning to normal service, however departure and arrival times will be prolonged. We are getting ground reports BPLRT is down. Please seek alternatives. Members who need bus directions pls post here and we will endeavour to reply your queries.”

And Jordan Siah wrote that station announcement said train service on BPLRT has resumed at 7:40am:

Jordan Siah wrote at 7:40am: “Station announcement: Train service has resumed however train arrival and departure time will be longer.”

However, the following posts on the Facebook platform showed that the BPLRT train services were still disrupted after 8am:

Edmond Chua wrote at 7:49am: “Train towards CCK stop just before Petir station.”

Sin Mei commented on Daniel Koh’s post, she wrote at 8:08am: “As of 7.45am, it’s moving from CCK->BP direction.” Then she added at 8:24 am: “But it was so crowded that the last few people (including me) couldn’t get out before the train door automatically closes. Had to go to Petir station then reverse back to BP.”

Aaron Tan complained that the LRT broke down so many times (last Wednesday BPLRT also experienced delays due to a power failure at Bukit Panjang Station):

Aaron Tan wrote at 8:39am: “What!! That LRT seems to be made of paper or what? Spoilt so many many times in a year. And when rain come, no work.”

And yet other posts from commuters informed another train failure occurred along the EWL in the afternoon.

Beckham Song Ying wrote a post about the EWL delay on TATA SMRT Facebook:

Beckham Song Ying wrote at 12:38pm: “14112018 Due to traction power fault on the East West Line near Jurong East Station, trains bound for EW33 Tuas Link will experience an additional travelling time of 5 minutes – Aljunied Station announcement.”

And Mingz Wang added at 12:39pm:

Mingz Wang wrote: “Train stuck at lakeside for 5-10mins now.”

Yappies posted a tweet on Twitter, complaining there were no updates:

Others also tweeted their displeasure:


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