Shocking that Ministers would get exorbitant bonuses despite sub-par performance

by Simon Lim

I believe that many Singaporeans must be aghast to learn that their PAP ministers paid themselves an average of exorbitant bonuses for the last couple of years. Besides 4.1 months’ of performance bonuses in 2017, there is also a 13th month bonus, Annual Variable Component and a National Bonus which could go up to 6 months.

In other words, Ministers could be getting up to 10 months bonus! The true meaning of “bonuses” has been dragged through the mud and put to great shame by this PAP government.

Let us recap and do some fact checking.

Over the past few years, our MRT encountered a whole host of incidents and problems. A fatal accident happened at the Pasir Ris station, a train collision happened at Joo Koon station, tunnel flooding took place as a result of service records being doctored, and train disruptions happened again and again affecting hundreds of thousands of commuters.

New leasehold public flats were sold to Singaporeans at exorbitant prices resulting in them shouldering heavy housing burdens over many years. In turn, this leads to an exhaustion of their CPF retirement savings. The failure to return our CPF savings on our 55th birthdays are both blatant and brazen.

Our Total Fertility Rates and Singapore football international standing dived to an all-time low.

We have an underclass known as the “graduate poor” which is to have taken root with the PAP’s liberal immigration policies. The haves and have-not wage gaps widen with more pitiful senior citizens seen nowadays ‘exercising’ by collecting cans from rubbish bins and clearing plates and cutlery, cleaning tables at hawker centres.

Citizens work long hours in the World’s most expensive city and struggle to meet the costs of living while hundreds of millions of our collective hard-earned tax monies are spent on foreign students who have ran away.

Billions of our reserves were lost by the PAP government in the overseas forays in banks such as Bank of America, Credit Suisse, a taxi company in Vietnam, etc. without any proper accountability to parliament.

Over at the Ministry of Health, the worse breaches have taken place. Personal and medical records of 1.5 million patients were illegally accessed and stolen. Yet the PAP government resorted to playing the incident down. Lax infection controls over at the Singapore General Hospital that resulted in 8 patients dead with 25 more further affected. Severe shortages of hospital beds and contaminated milk powder fed to warded babies.

And the PAP government ministers paid themselves an average of over 4 months of Performance Bonuses for the last few years?

My fellow Singaporeans, you have been sucked so much and you are so pitiful! The late Lee Kuan Yew was spot on when he described Singaporeans as daft – and I might add – very pitiful. A nation of sheep will eventually beget a government of wolves.

The Chinese would have aptly described the current PAP government’s decision of paying themselves their own performance bonuses in nine simple Chinese characters – 大家拿,敢敢拿,等什么*?

[*Translated: Everyone takes it, dare to take it, what are you waiting for?]