Open letter to PM Lee Hsien Loong

Open letter to PM Lee Hsien Loong

By Phillip Ang

Dear PM Lee

I was forwarded an email which I have already read on cyberspace (“Why the rules make managers turn to immigrants”).

There have been too many cries for help from fellow Singaporeans, a recent one in the ST Forum page dated Feb 8, which have not been heard. (“Revise foreign labour policy to help Singaporeans”)

The government has not been listening.

The writer describes the reality faced by Singaporeans and there are fundamental issues which have only been paid lip service for years. It seems impossible for the government to understand Singaporeans’ plight because two different sets of rules have been applied.

One issue – elderly working as cleaners.

Is the government maintaining that hundreds of elderly Singaporeans deserve to be doing this job in food courts? Is this the 1984 Swiss standard of living that Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, was talking about?
Why is the government still so obsessed with GDP?

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Do all PAP MPs only eat in restaurants/pretend such Singaporeans do not exist/think that such jobs are deserving?

This is just one issue and the solution is really for all the die hard MP fans of PAP policies to place themselves/their relatives literally in their shoes. The government cannot continue to understand issues in the real world from an academic viewpoint, provide some financial aid and continue treating the symptoms instead of finding a cure.

Something is seriously wrong when year after year, instead of resolving issues, more people have been adversely affected by government policies. This was also the message at the ballot box 2 years ago.

The government must not continue to ignore Singaporeans’ reality. After moving at breakneck speed for 4 decades, it is reasonable to pause for a review. No system is perfect.

Most of us don’t even know what we really identify ourselves with besides putting maximum resources into getting a good academic education at all costs for self serving reasons later in life.

Fundamental issues continue to scream for attention but appears to be muffled noises to the government. The system requires an overhaul, not tweaks.

The enclosed letter reflects Singaporeans’ reality which will help the PAP tremendously and, if clearly understood, hopefully, usher in the end of ivory tower replies and implementation of policies for the benefit of Singaporeans.