Reckless Maserati driver is an NUS Prof hailed from Guangzhou

The police confirmed on Thursday (13 Sep) that the driver of a black Maserati SKK9192G has been arrested for dangerous driving after a video of his reckless driving behaviour was uploaded online and went viral.

The Maserati was caught on dashcam in an epic 26-second clip which was first published on the Beh Chia Lor page on Tuesday (11 Sep).

He was caught trying to overtake a lorry on a narrow 2-line road but failed to so and mounted a kerb instead. Undeterred, he continued driving at high speed against oncoming traffic and narrowly missed several oncoming vehicles before eventually forcing the lorry driver to come to a stop down the road.

After the video went viral with more than 360,000 views, someone remembers the car plate and posted an old video of the same car online.

In the old video a few years ago, a netizen was riding on a motorcycle in a 50km/h zone when the Maserati aggressively tailgated him and revved his engine in an attempt to intimidate him. After overtaking the motorcyclist, the Maserati swerved right, endangering the motorcyclist (see video at 0:40).

According to the LTA website, a car bearing an “SKK” registration plate is registered around Feb 2013. Such a car is worth at least $230,000 in today’s used car market.

The incident has drawn considerable flak from netizens.

Maserati Driver identified as China-born Distinguished Professor at NUS

Today (14 Sep), Zaobao published a report confirming that the arrested person is a 49-year-old distinguished NUS professor.

Zaobao said that the incident happened last Fri (7 Sep) at 1.10pm in Lorong Chuan. In fact, the NUS prof blamed the lorry driver for not giving way to him and cutting into his lane, Zaobao wrote.

But Zaobao did not reveal his name only to say that the NUS Prof is a faculty member of Arts and Social Science teaching in the Geography department. Zaobao also said that this prof graduated from NUS in 1992. In 1995, he obtained his PhD from UK and came back to teach in NUS. In 2005, he was promoted to become a full professor. In Feb this year, he was named a “Distinguished Professor”, Zaobao noted.

Through online CSI, netizens have found out that this NUS Prof is actually Henry Wai-chung YEUNG, teaching at the Department of Geography at NUS:

According to the NUS website, Prof Henry Yeung was born in Guangzhou and moved to Hong Kong in 1979 at the age of 11 years old. He came to Singapore in 1988 after his ‘A-level’ in Hong Kong, and subsequently he graduated from NUS in 1992.

“I then obtained my Ph.D, under the supervision of Professor Peter Dicken, from the School of Geography, University of Manchester in England in 1995 and returned to start my career at the Department of Geography, National University of Singapore,” he wrote.

“Since July 2005, I have been Professor of Economic Geography. Since February 2018, I have been appointed Distinguished Professor of the National University of Singapore in recognition of my ‘outstanding academic excellence as well as academic and intellectual leadership’.”

Apparently, his ‘outstanding academic excellence as well as academic and intellectual leadership’ did not stop him from becoming a ‘road bully’.

It’s not known if he is a new citizen but in any case, it’s unlikely that he has served any National Service, which all native-born Singaporean sons must go through.

More information dug up by netizens about this NUS Prof:

It is understood that his Facebook account is now not accessible.