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A movement towards hope: Pakatan Harapan?

by Constance Singam The other day I was at the AWARE forum on “Poverty has a women’s face”. I noticed as I have in the past few years the increasing number of young people who attend forums, discussions and raise questions about issues of concern. Some of the questions that come up inevitably are “so what can we do”, “what …

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The debate about representation

by Constance Singam I saw Crazy Rich Asians yesterday and was thoroughly entertained. I wanted to see the jewels, the fashion, the glamour and beautiful people. I was a voyeur! In defense of my view on representation and the lack of interest in it with regard to this movie is that for me it was just a Hollywood movie, set …

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Four things prospective homeowners need to know about the August BTO sales launch

by ValuePenguin Owning a brand new HDB flat is an enticing proposition. The new sales launch gives Singaporeans this chance, so we dug into the details of the sales launch in order to help prospective homeowners understand the newest BTO offerings. The Housing & Development Board’s latest Build-To-Order (BTO) sales launch offers Singaporeans an exciting opportunity to purchase a new HDB …

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Forum letter justifying Singapore Cabinet’s pay as $10 per resident, draws harsh criticism from citizens

A forum letter from Dr Yik Keng Yeong published in The Straits Times (ST) wrote, “We face graver and more complex socioeconomic and geopolitical problems with each passing decade, and these will not go away with the simplistically expedient measure of decreasing the pay of the executive branch of the Government, convenient whipping boy though it has become,” Dr Yik was …

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Ler Jiyuan on the magic of film making and telling compelling stories on-screen

Ler Jiyuan is a Singaporean filmmaker who is an experienced storyteller. His diverse portfolio includes telemovies such as ‘Gone Case’ based on the award-winning novel by Dave Chua and ‘The Love Machine’ which was nominated for five awards at the 2016 Asian Television Awards. He’s also worked on TV projects like ‘Fiends and Foes’ and ‘Zero Calling’ as well as …

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