Singapore band No Duff releases music video for debut single “Exile”

Spirited new Singaporean indie rock band No Duff releases their music video for debut single “Exile” on 1 December, on the band’s YouTube channel. “Exile” is available on all digital music platforms – Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

The track presents the band’s signature modern rock style with its complex drum lines and distinctively melodic guitar riffs. The melancholic lyrics deal with tension and separation juxtaposed against the track’s high energy tone and driving rhythm.

No Duff is fronted by Matt Yeo on lead vocals, Linus Ng and Low Zhe Wei on guitars and Willie Lyou on bass with independent drummer Jayesh Prakash as a regular collaborator. Their music is fast paced and energetic with a touch of old school hard rock.

“We wanted a modern sound but there is a little bit of old school hard rock buried in there to give it more of an edge”, says guitarist Low Zhe Wei.

The video showcases the band’s high-energy performance style and also unfolds the story of a couple’s relationship disintegrating, but with a slight twist. “The song is quite intense because it’s about a tough situation, and we wanted the video to capture that emotional range”, says frontman Matt Yeo. He added, “The word ‘exile’ is usually associated with a political situation. Here, it’s more unexpected because it’s about the pain of a personal relationship, but one that many people have probably experienced and can relate to.”

Filmed at two locations in Singapore – an industrial setting underneath a highway and inside an old walk-up apartment – the video features scenes that are recognizably Singaporean, although they may not be widely familiar to viewers.

Shooting the video was a mixed experience for the band. “I’m so used to being behind the camera because of my job, but in this video, it was a reversal because I had to come out to be in front of the lens!” says bassist Willie Lyou who is a part time photographer. “All of us were a bit self-conscious initially. But in the end, we had lots of fun.”

Learn more about the band at their website, www.nodufftheband.com.