Photo: Tweeter post of bo_On ハンブン

SBS Transit operated North-East Line’s turn to breakdown this evening

The series of train breakdowns have finally caught the SBS Transit’s North East Line (NEL) this evening (Thursday 16 Nov) with commuters tweeting about delays experience along the line starting at 6:19pm.

At 6:24pm,  SBS Transit announced via in a Twitter post that NEL service was delayed due to a train fault at Clarke Quay Station towards Punggol. It advised additional travel time of about 10mins in both directions:

Other tweets from affected commuters continued to come in:

While not all commuters realise that NEL is run by SBS Transit, but still the tweets gave a picture of the effect of the service disruption:

At 7:19pm, SBS Transit tweeted again that NEL was still delayed, free passing & free bridging bus rides were available at designated bus stops between Outram Park NE3 and Farrer Park NE8:

Sett Paing tweeted at 7:36pm that he got chased out at Clarke Quay:

And commuters kept posting on Twitter, with some noting how SMRT is getting the flak from commuters instead of SBS Transit:

Commuters also noted that the free bus rides didn’t help much:

At 8:04pm, SBS informed that NEL has progressively back to regular service at affected station since 7:53pm. Trains have said to be now in full services at all stations:

But Carol Tham advised SBS Transit: