Source: The Straits Times.

No train service along existing DownTown Line on the same day with its open house at DTL3

In a very same day with its open house along its DownTown Line (DTL) on Sunday (15 October), SBS Transit tweeted at 01.04 pm that there was no train service between DT1 Bukit Panjang and DT5 Beauty World Stations due to a train fault, adding that free bus rides were available at designated bus stops near affected stations.

Around an hour later, SBS Transit tweeted that the service had resumed at 1.21 pm, adding that free bus rides were still available. It also stated that services on the DTL3 were running as usual.

Around half an hour later, it stated that the service had resumed and free bus rides and bridging bus services have ceased.

However, many commuters tweeted the delay sometime before the first tweet was made by SBS Transit, adding that it was such an embarrassing moments for SBS Transit that the line broke down on its first day.

One of the commuters asked SBS Transit if there were any free bus service for DTL passengers who have been stuck in Promenade for nearly 15 minutes.

One of the commuters stated that the information given by SBS Transit was not accurate.

Hours after SBS Transit that the service has resumed, many still stated that the delay was still occurring.

The 21km long DTL3 includes 16 stations and three interchange stations at MacPherson, Tampines, and Expo, connecting commuters to the Circle and East-West Lines.

When DTL3 opens, the DTL will be the longest underground and driverless MRT line in Singapore. The complete DTL allows direct travel from the north-western and eastern areas to the Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay areas.

DTL3 starts operation on 21 Oct 2017.