NSL, EWL and CCL under SMRT, all down with severe disruption on the same morning

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) reported this morning that two of its lines, Circle Line (CCL) and East-West Line (EWL) were experiencing delays. CCL experienced signal fault resulting in a huge backload of passengers while EWL had a train collision at Joo Koon resulting in commuters and staff injured. North-South Line had complaints of delay, likely as a result of the service disruption from the other lines.

At 6.28 am on Wednesday (15 November), it tweeted that its trains along CCL were moving slower between Botanic Gardens and Haw Par Villa due to a signal fault train.

It then asked commuters to add 20 minutes travelling time between Buona Vista and Harbour Front on both bounds due to a signal fault.

SMRT then stated that free regular bus services were available between Farrer Road and Kent Ridge and between Paya Lebar and Harbour Front.

Two hours after the first tweet on CCL, and while the disruption on that line still occurred, SMRT then posted another tweet which stated that its EWL was also experiencing delay due to a train fault at Joo Koon and asked commuters to add 20 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Joo Koon. It is known by Wednesday afternoon, that the train was, in fact, a collision between two trains at Joo Koon MRT stations.

Minutes later, it then stated that the fault along CCL has cleared, however, it noted that trains and stations were crowded. Therefore, due to congestion, it asked commuters to add 5 minutes travelling time towards Harbour Front, noting that free regular bus services were still available.

SMRT then announced that free regular bus services ere also available between Jurong East and Tuas Link.

It then tweeted asking commuters to add 30 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Tuas Link and that the trains services were still available.

An hour after the first tweet on EWL delay, it then asked commuters who were travelling between Queenstown and Tuas Link to add 30 minutes travelling time.

Two and a half hours after the announcement on CCL, SMRT tweeted that the fault has cleared and free regular bus services have ceased.

At 9.58 am, SMRT tweeted to ask ommuters to add 15 minutes travelling time between Jurong East and Tuas Link.

Many asked SMRT to truthful in its communication. Commuters such as Chua Lisa pointed out that SMRT’s communication makes it sound as if the disruption is only affecting a short portion of the rail system.

Some tweeted issues that they faced along CCL during the fault.




Zaini asked SMRT to open the door at the station so passengers can decide whether to stay on the train or to take alternative modes of transport.

Sharonlrli also stated that the announcement inside the train needs to be customised so passengers know when they could get out of the train.

While, some tweeted issues they needed to face along EWL.



Some asked SMRT to announce EWL delay before SMRT’s first tweet on the line.

Jimmie stated that the train keep on stopping longer than usual from Yew Tee to Jurong East.

Some stated that the free regular bus services were not free as they were being charged.

Basic Emoji asked SMRT the reason it did not provide free shuttle service for the entire line.

Some asked SMRT to fix the air conditioner as it was very hot inside the train.

Susanoo tweeted that SMRT needs to upgrade the whole system as she never tap the cards for three days in a row.

Vinesh tweeted that SMRT staffs always disappear whenever there is a delay.

Many netizens posted videos and pictures of the situation on the platforms, inside the train, and on the bus stop.

Many people posted pictures of crowds of CCL platforms.




Aiman Amin posted a video of a CCL train that finally moved after staying put for five minutes.

Piss into the Iris, Lim Wei Chun, and The artist fomerly known as ShunfuMart posted a picture of EWL platform.

Kai Ting, Yeo posted a picture of commuters in long lines at Boon Lay platform.

PK posted a picture at Buona Vista bus stop, showing the chaos.

Constant posted a video of situation inside the train.

Hannah posted a video of the crowd at Serangoon (NEL and CCL interchange) at 7.30 am.


Some commuters reported that the Green Line, North-South Line (NSL) also experienced delay. However, no official announcement was made by SMRT on this line.