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There are rumours circulating online that Presidential candidate Tan Jee Say gatecrashed Singapore People’s Party’s (SPP) National Day dinner last Saturday (see HERE).

A Workers’ Party member Melvin Tan who contested in the 2006 General Election, writing a note on his Facebook said that he has chosen to vote for Dr Tan Cheng Bock over Mr Tan Jee Say because Mr Tan Jee Say seem to have “an air of superiority” around him, and also because he did not like how Mr Tan “heckled Tony Tan” in TOC’s ‘Face to Face 2’ Presidential Forum.

That Facebook note is now being circulated widely online.

In the same note Mr Melvin Tan said:

“The last straw was the SPP National Day Dinner on 20 Aug ’11, where I bought tickets to attend to support Chiam See Tong for all he has done for Singapore. TJS (Tan Jee Say) turned up and in my view gate-crashed the event and stole the limelight. From very reliable sources, that wasn’t pleasant for the Chiams or SPP.”

TOC tried to clarify this with SPP and spoke to Dr David Tan, Central Executive Committee member of SPP.

Dr Tan in speaking to TOC said, “It’s untrue! I invited Tan Jee Say in my personal capacity to the dinner. Mr Tan initially declined because of his prior commitments. But later, because of my insistence, he agreed to drop-by to say hello to the Chiams and myself.”

Dr David Tan was Mr Tan Jee Say’s teacher when Mr Tan was a student in Raffles Institution.

When informed that Mr Tan Jee Say would like to drop-by the party to greet the Chiams, Mr and Mrs Chiam welcomed him, clarified Dr David Tan.

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票箱若遗失可以不计? 选举修法令人起疑

新加坡民主党于昨日发文告警示民众,选举部近期提呈不寻常的选举法修改条例,充满疑点。 其中一项修法建议,规定在前往计票中心前,如已封箱的投票箱已损毁获遗失,可以不计其选票。除非选举官认为有关投票站的票数足以左右最终结果,可以重新召开新一轮投票。 有关修改选举法的动议,在本月10日通过一读。 民主党质问,为何在这个时节点提出这项修改?选举部是否能向选民解释,过去有无发生过票箱被毁获不见的事件? 该党称,过去都不曾发生类似案例,但政府却无法给出合理解释,为何要修改此规章。 在投票站直接计票 如果选举部关系票箱遗失的问题,最好的办法,就是在投票时间结束后,直接在投票站清算该站的选票总数。 “在其他国家都这么做。投票结束后,选举官就宣布开箱,在各政党候选人、代表乃至民众的在场见证下,当场唱票。” 算票结束后,选举官必须当场宣布该投票站的票数,记录并交给选举部。现今资讯工艺发达,如此计票过程肯定可以有效、迅速且透明地进行。只有在所有投票站都算好票,并总和所有投票站成绩后,才正式公布最后结果。 如此,就能解决行动党所谓担心票箱在运送到计票中心的过程中,损毁或不见的担忧。 “如果行动党政府希望打造公平透明的选举制度,首先应该让选举部从总理署的管辖下独立出来,并在独立的选举委员会监督下运作。” 文告指出,只要选举部仍在总理署的掌控下,对于选举法的任何改动,都很难让新加坡人信服。民主党呼吁行动党政府停止忽悠人民,真诚打造一个自由、公平和透明的选举制度。…