Source: T.O.P_KING Twitter account.

First day of service for DTL3 marred by train delays

DownTown Line 3 (DTL 3) started its first day of service on Saturday (21 October). With DTL, 16 additional stations are added to the DTL and SBS Transit has offered all commuters two-days opportunity of free rides to celebrate the event.

The free rides apply on all 34 stations along the line.

However, some commuters have expressed their disappointment on the service provided, complaining that there have been delays along the line.

Some complained as there are no official announcement from SBS Transit on its social media platforms in regards to the service disruption.

Some stated their disappointment over the delay and that there is no use of the free rides when there is train fault.


Some shared their experience and stated that they were wasting that time travelling with the line.


Mr Rohayat stated that he was disappointment with the service, adding that the control center only worked half day.

T.O.P_KING shared a picture inside the train.