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3 blueprints for a successful company knowledge base

by Robin Singh Knowledge base software is without any doubt a very powerful solution that offers an entire palette of benefits for businesses. Some of them are: enhanced customer support, cut down expenses, increased productivity and profits. But, the question that remains is how to implement this tool in a proper way, to be able to reap those benefits. There …

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A crazy world of Singaporean online shoppers: Which one are you?

Research by iPrice Group Singaporean shoppers are known to be notoriously demanding. Becoming one of the fastest growing countries in the world comes at the cost of expecting nothing but the best. World class airports, world class transportations and of course, world class shoppers. Being the financial capital of Southeast Asia and the leader of e-commerce in the region, Singapore …

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Feasibility of amendment to Tobacco Act questioned

In a Straits Times report dated 3 October (Tuesday), it is reported that Singapore has taken its first legal step towards raising the minimum smoking age from 18 to 21, with the introduction of a new Bill in Parliament yesterday. The Bill to amend the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act will also make it illegal for people to own …

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Credit score facts and myths for getting a home loan

Your credit score is a number used by banks and financial institutions as an indicator of how you are likely to repay your debts and the probability of going into default. Credit Bureau Singapore(CBS) credit score is based on the various types of information in the credit report to calculate a number that estimates your level of future credit risk. The …

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K Shanmugam: Authorities reviewing legislation and studying ways to counter threat of hate speech and extremist teachings

In a Channel NewsAsia report dated 3 October (Tuesday), it is reported that Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said in Parliament that authorities will be reviewing legislation and studying ways to counter the threat of hate speech and extremist teachings. Mr Shanmugam was speaking on the motion “staying united against the terrorism threat” filed by four members of …

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Function 8 and CAN: Article 14 of Singapore Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association

Joint statement by Function 8 and Community Action Network on the arrest of activist Function 8 and Community Action Network (CAN) are deeply troubled and saddened by the arrest of artist Seelan Palay outside Parliament House on Sunday, 1 Oct 2017. He has been released on police bail since yesterday and is subjected to severe restrictions including restrictions on travels. …

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