Mr Wang Yongshun (left), 62, said his brother Mr Wang Yongqing, 64, had been increasingly fatigued in the past few weeks before his death (Source: Shin Min Daily News).

Unfortunate death of Uber driver spurs comments lamenting high cost of living in Singapore

In a Straits Times report dated 3 October (Tuesday), it is reported that a 64-year-old Uber driver suffered a cardiac arrest while driving last Thursday (Sept 28) night, and subsequently died in hospital.

Singapore Police Force (SPF) said that they received a call for assistance along Airport Boulevard at 7.02pm.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) sent an ambulance to the scene, which was at the Changi Airport Terminal 2 exit towards East Coast Parkway.

The ambulance then took him, who was unconscious at the time, to Changi General Hospital, where it was alerted to be on stand-by to receive him.

The man then was subsequently pronounced dead and established to have died of natural causes.

According to ST, he was driving when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Shin Min Daily News reported that the man is Mr Wang Yongqing. His brother, Mr Wang Yongshun, 62, said he was single and the two of them lived together.

Mr Wang told the media that his brother held two jobs. He drove construction workers to their work sites until 5pm every day. In the past half a year, he began driving for Uber too, until past 1 am.

Mr Wang added that his brother was increasingly fatigued in the past few weeks.

Many readers commented that living in Singapore require them to work extra hard as the cost of living is ridiculously high.

Marie Fernandez wrote, “This is Singapore. Work till you drop dead!! No quality of life, no such thing as retire happily or even a family life to look forward to after work or on weekends. Majulah Singapura!”

Angeline Chua wrote, “Poor thing! More & more people in Singapore overwork nowadays.
Standard of living kills in order to survive!”

Govindan Ogresunno wrote, “Overworked like most Singaporeans. It is very hard to survive with just your normal pay. Even at age of 64 needs 2 jobs. Pity him. RIP.”

Zhongpei Low wrote, “If anyone were to say Singaporean are lazy. Let this news speak the truth. I really hope Singaporean will learn to live a well balance life. You only have one life to live and enjoy. Need to ensure we live it well. God Bless Singapore.”

Lucky Sam wrote, “Life is getting harder as the cost of living keeps on increasing. But our salary are stagnant. Many are worst off. They lost their job.”

Marie Fernandez wrote, “Some people on this post are commenting this man had a choice. They seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that not all choices are honey coated. There are people fortunate enough to make a choice to take a holiday away from their job just to relax AND there are people not so fortunate enough and make a choice to take up two jobs just to pay basic bills. Without making the choice of two jobs they could find themselves in Court facing legal action for unpaid bills. So yes there are choices out there but, not all of us get to choose the honey coated choices. Do we?”

Kilmar Wong wrote, “Uncle, God bless your brother. Next life let him born in wealthy family. In fact, many of them are chionging for that bloody incentives! PAP what have you Done?”

Poh Cheng Thong wrote, “Those who are less educated tend to work 2 jobs to feed their families. Sad for this Uncle to pass away while working. I urge the Government to control the cost of living and help the poor. Or else more people will be overworked and die in their work.”

Abdullah Sadali Sadali wrote, “He is not alone.A lot of peoples did the same just to feed the family.”

Sharifah Ayra Fazz wrote, “So sad isn’t the uncle should have just rested at home. But, in Singapore you just cannot do that. I did come across few taxi drivers who work two jobs too.

Jericho Augustus Tan wrote, “Sad life of being a Singaporean. Work super hard just to pay and pay to the government. Then retire clearing plates at the food court, selling tissues, collecting cardboard boxes. They call that “exercise”, when retirement is suppose to be rosy.”

Fang Dewang wrote, “So sad that he can’t even enjoy his CPF payout. Sometimes, it is best to slow down but if he slow down he is left behind like a rats race. ”

Tilaka Chandra wrote, “In Singapore it is all about work..work…work till you die. Even when you die you don’t own anything. Just owe people only.”

Yip Chee Farn wrote, “So this is what Swiss standard of living is all about huh. I thought there are no poor people in Singapore? He was at least 0.5 millionaire. Why did he made things so difficult for himself?”

Wang Zao Yang Franciz wrote, “Most of them up there are born with golden spoon. What do they know of hardship and suffering people are facing.”

Sing Kien Ong wrote, “Work until you drop dead, this trend is coming!”

Yukimoi Wu wrote, “RIP… Mr Wang. If not high standard of living here and pay too low, who wants to work two jobs?”

Adam Seah wrote, “If given a choice nobody wants to exert oneself. It is sad though.

Siah Jin Kim wrote, “Man is not made of steel. High cost of living is pushing some people to the extreme.”

Kilmar Wong wrote, “Remove all taxes on the pioneer batch for God Sake!”