Brother seeks eyewitness to shed light on fatal accident along Upper Jurong Road

The elder brother of Mr Oh Wei Loong, a 27-year-old who died after his car rammed into an excavator in Upper Jurong Road on Tuesday (23 May), is looking for eyewitnesses to shed more light into the fatal accident.

The accident took place along Upper Jurong road leading towards Boon Lay Way, after Mr Oh Wei Loong’s black Honda collided with an excavator belonging to energy contractor Integrate Engineers. According to Lianhe Wanbao, the company is deployed at the location for cable-laying works.

According to media reports, the police were alerted to the accident at 8.52pm on Tuesday (23 May) and the Singapore Civil Defence force received a call at around 8.55pm, and dispatched a fire engine, fire bike, red rhino, ambulance and support vehicle to the scene.

When SCDF officers arrived, the deceased was found trapped in the car’s driver seat and freed from the vehicle in 15 minutes with the help of hydraulic rescue tools. He was then taken unconscious to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, where was later pronounced dead.

The driver of the excavator was unharmed.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, it was said that there were safety cones on the road to alert incoming vehicles that road works were taking place and that road works have been suspended at the site of the accident to aid police investigations, which are ongoing.

On his Facebook post, Derrick Oh wrote that the family is urgently looking for eye witnesses on the tragic car accident and asks witnesses to give him a call on his mobile phone.

According to Mr Oh, the only camera found by the police in the damaged car is the one in the rear and not the dashboard camera which would likely have recorded the accident.

The investigation officer had told Mr Oh to visit the traffic police pound himself to look for the missing device, however, Mr Oh is unable to drop down to look for the device as he is currently preoccupied with the funeral matters of his brother. The IO also noted that the traffic camera did not capture the scene of the accident.

According to Mr Oh, friends of his brother had driven around the site of the accident and discovered that the accident could have been recorded by the cameras of the SAFTI MI, if not, at least the scene of the accident site prior to the time of accident and whether the excavator was static or moving.

Mr Oh hopes that the police can approach the SAFTI MI to retrieve the footage before it is being overwritten after a certain time.

But as he is disappointed with the attitude of the IO on the way how the investigation into the traffic accident is being carried out so far, he is writing to his Member of Parliament to seek assistance on the matter.

Mr Oh is survived by an infant son who turns three in June.

Location where the accident occurred