Tuas Viaduct to be opened on 18 February to enhance transport connectivity to businesses

Land Transport Authority (LTA) has announced that it will open the Tuas Viaduct from 6am on Saturday (18 February) to enhance transport connectivity to businesses in Tuas.
LTA said that the 4.8km long viaduct is the first integrated road – rail viaduct and part of the Tuas West Extension project. The viaduct will provide an alternate route to Tuas South by allowing motorists to by-pass the at-grade Pioneer Road. There will be five ramps (two up-ramps and three down-ramps) along the viaduct.

Source ; LTA.
Source : LTA.
It noted that new directional signs will be placed to guide motorists. Traffic marshals will also be deployed to help direct motorists. Motorists are advised to plan their routes in advance and follow the traffic signs and traffic wardens on site to help them navigate to their destination.
According to LTA, the completion of the viaduct will support longer term developments within the Tuas area, including the future Tuas Port, as well as other upcoming industrial developments within the Tuas, Tuas South and Pioneer areas.
It also said that works on the four MRT stations of the Tuas West Extension – Gul Circle, Tuas Crescent, Tuas West Road and Tuas Link, have also been completed. Following the completion of train testing works, LTA expects to open the stations for passenger service in the second quarter of 2017.

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