Monthly Archives: August 2016

Apple hit with $14.5 billion (S$19.78 billion) Irish tax by EU

Just this Tuesday (30 August), the European Commission (EC) ordered Apple Inc. to pay Ireland an unpaid tax up to 13 billion Euros (S$19.78 billion). The Commission stated that the company had received illegal state aid. In response to the ruling, Apple in U.S. headquarter and Dublin replied that the US company tax treatment was already in line with Irish and …

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10 double decker buses featuring USB charging ports to hit the road on 1 Sept

The Land and Transport Authority (LTA) and Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) released a joint statement on Wednesday (31 August) which said that ten new MAN A95 double-decker buses, featuring USB charging ports will hit the roads tomorrow (1 September). These buses are the first to offer such service in Singapore. These ten buses will be run by Public Transport Operator, …

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How Barcelona “superblocks” return city streets to the people

As in Singapore and everywhere else in big urban cities around the world, air pollution and traffic congestions is a major problem for city planners and residents alike. In a report by Inhabitat.com, we are shown how Barcelona City’s Urban Mobility Plan is carrying out a plan that promises a pathway to greener, cleaner, and more pedestrian-friendly urban living to overcome …

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MOH issues advisory on pregnant women regarding Zika cases

The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) on Zika and Pregnancy advise all pregnant women in Singapore with symptoms of Zika (fever and rash and other symptoms such as red eyes or joint pain), as well as those (with or without symptoms) with male partners who are Zika-positive, to be tested for Zika virus infection, regardless …

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Countries issuing travel warnings on Singapore due to Zika-virus

United Kingdom (UK), Taiwan, Australia, United States (US), and South Korea have issued travel warnings, especially for pregnant women or women who are planning to be pregnant, to not take a trip to Singapore. Just yesterday, the government reported 82 confirmed cases of the locally transmitted infected cases, and it had warned that some cases will be unlikely uncovered these …

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