Police announce rally sites for Bukit Batok by-election

Bukit Gombak stadium and an open field along Bukit Batok Industrial Park A have been designated by the Police as rally sites for the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election.

The locations were made known by the Police on Nomination Day after the announcement of the two contesting candidates: the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) Murali Pillai and the Singapore Democratic Party’s (SDP) Chee Soon Juan.

Election rallies can be held from 28 April, the day after Nomination Day, to 5 May, the day before Cooling Off Day, at any time between 7 am and 10 pm.


The Police also foresees large crowds in attendance at the rallies and advises the public to take public transport. They appealed to the public to behave in an orderly manner at the meetings as well as when travelling to and from the rally sites.

Heavy traffic around the rally sites is also predicted, with the Police stating that updates on traffic situations would be made on radio.

The Police also warned that any vehicle found to be parking indiscriminately would be towed away, and that unmanned aerial drones are banned at the rallied due to public safety concerns.

Candidates and their respective parties are required to obtain Police permits for the use of the rally locations, as well as permission from site holders, either the Housing Development Board (HDB) or Sport Singapore (SportSG). To facilitate this, representatives from the HDB and SportSG will be present at the Police Elections Permits Office (PEPO) to coordinate the the grating of permission and the charging of rental fees.

Any multiple bookings in a single time slot will be allocated by ballot, say the Police.

Candidates’ parties may also apply for the use of a vehicle with loudspeakers.

Indoor election meetings within the constituency are also allowed so long as a permit is obtained from the Police and permission for the use of the venue is granted from the location’s owner.

Meanwhile, the “Unrestricted Area” status of the Speakers’ Corner has been temporarily revoked from 27 April to 7 May.

This is to ensure that any election meetings held during this period follow the guidelines of obtaining a permit, the Police stated.

Any other individuals or organisations who wish to use the Speakers’ Corner for cause-related activities during the campaigning period will also have to apply for a relevant permit.

Polling Day is slated to take place on 7 May, after which the “Unrestricted Area” status under the Public Order Act of the Speakers’ Corner will be reinstated.

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