Screen cap of AJ+ video

Al Jazeera Plus releases awareness video on Amos Yee

Screen cap of AJ+ video
Screen cap of AJ+ video

Al Jazeera Plus, or AJ+, has released an awareness video on Singapore vblogger, 16-year old Amos Yee.

The 80-seconds video slices together short clips from Amos Yee’s Youtube videos, plus those from news reports of his arrests.

The video also included a snippet of Amos Yee’s video where he slammed Singapore’s late prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, as a “horrible person”.

Amos Yee is currently being held in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to be assessed for two weeks if he is suitable for the courts to issue a Mandatory Treatment Order (MTO) for his suspected autism spectrum disorder.

The teenager’s arrest and being held for “assessment” – the court had previously ordered him to be assessed for suitability for probation and then later for reformative training – has led to criticisms that the teenager is being unfairly and excessively punished for what some see as a minor infraction.

In May, a Singapore minister, Grace Fu, described the teen’s behaviour as “kind of a parent’s nightmare“, but later claimed that her remarks were not set in the proper context.

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The video by AJ+ has also been posted on its Facebook page. Join in the discussion here: “Singapore Teen Makes Fun of Ex-Leader and Gets Arrested“.

Here is the video: