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Reformative Training Centre recommended for Amos Yee: Prosecution

The court had summoned Amos Yee and his lawyer back to court today, 27 May in advance of his scheduled hearing on 2 June, to call for the teenager to be sent for reformative training rather than probation. Yee was earlier charged with posting material online that contained remarks against Christianity, in a video he created and uploaded on YouTube that criticised …

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Filipino lawyer suggests Ello’s account was hacked

By TR Emeritus A Filipino site, ManilaSpeak.com, recently interviewed their “foreign law expert”, Attorney Joyce Domingo Dapat, with regard to the arrest of Edz Ello in Singapore [Link]. ManilaSpeak is said to be “an aggregator of great minds” [Link]. The site aims to bring together the “most dynamic” Filipino opinion-makers. “ManilaSpeak was borne out of a desire to give readers …

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Denial of rights in Myanmar, Bangladesh cause of boat refugee crisis: HRW

Rohingya and other survivors of dangerous boat voyages from Burma and Bangladesh describe horrific treatment by unscrupulous smugglers and traffickers in Burma, and abuse and neglect aboard ships, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said today. The international group also called for the regional meeting scheduled 29 May 2015 in Bangkok to find solutions to the emerging crisis. Rohingya have explained to Human Rights Watch …

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Reasonable to act against those who betray citizenship allegiance: Aussie PM

“Regardless of how we gain it, Australian citizenship is an extraordinary privilege that should be matched by an abiding commitment to our country,” Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot wrote in an article for The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday. It is the latest remarks by a minister down under on an issue which has reportedly split the Cabinet. (See here.) The …

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SQ Airbus lost power on both engines while in mid-flight

A Singapore Airlines (SIA) Airbus A330-300 plane lost power temporarily on both its engines while in mid-flight on Saturday. According to aviation sites, AeroInside and The Aviation Herald, the incident took place while the plane was flying at 39,000ft about three and a half hours after departure from Singapore and bound for Shanghai, China. “Both engines experienced a temporary loss of …

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