Daily Archives: 2015-05-06

Challenge to amend bail condition for Amos Yee struck down

The High Court dismissed the challenge launched by the lawyers of blogger Amos Yee Pang Sang, 16, to vary his bail conditions after seeing no reason to do so. Amos was charged on 31 March for uploading an obscene image online and content with the intention to wound the religious feelings of Christians. Earlier, he was also charged under the Protection …

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Category C vehicles fall to 50,000 mark

By COE.SGcharts Despite Cat A quota bump from 987 to 1,444 (a 46% increase), Cat A COE price actually inched up to $68K (from $67K). Number of bids for Cat A COE is 2,891, which is the highest since December 2008. The number of bids is twice the quota available. This reflects strong pent-up demand, that has been waiting for …

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NHB to launch nationwide survey to identify heritage buildings and sites

The National Heritage Board (NHB) announced that it will launch a nationwide survey to take stock of the current state of Singapore’s heritage buildings and sites. To be conducted in mid-2015, the survey will cover buildings, structures, sites and landscape features of architectural, historical and cultural interest. The survey will also help to increase understanding of Singapore’s heritage landscape for long-term …

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MDA’s actions “not the best way”: MARUAH on TRS closure

Singapore human rights group MARUAH has issed a statement to state it’s concerns about the Media Development Authority’s decision to close down The Real Singapore. MARUAH’s Ppresident, Ms Braema Mathi, said that MDA should have identified to the TRS editors the specific content that was objectionable and gave them the right to justify why a shut down was not warranted, and for …

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Amos Yee: Not just a rebellious teen

By Rizzy Reading the article where TOC interviews his bailor Mr. Vincent Law has really given me an insight on who Amos Yee is as a person. When Amos was taken back into remand, I had assumed 2 things. Either Vincent Law does not have the $30,000 to front or Vincent Law offered $30,000 to the front and Amos Yee …

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MDA “looking into” new website by former editor of TRS

Mr Alex Tan, a former editor of The Real Singapore (TRS), has set up a new website, called Straits Times Review (STR), according to news reports. It is apparently the latest of several relatively new socio-political sites which have sprouted in recent months. STR describes itself as “an independent news site based in Australia.” Mr Tan, who described himself as …

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