NHB to launch nationwide survey to identify heritage buildings and sites

NHB logoThe National Heritage Board (NHB) announced that it will launch a nationwide survey to take stock of the current state of Singapore’s heritage buildings and sites.

To be conducted in mid-2015, the survey will cover buildings, structures, sites and landscape features of architectural, historical and cultural interest.

The survey will also help to increase understanding of Singapore’s heritage landscape for long-term heritage planning.

First announced during the Committee of Supply debate earlier this year, the survey aims to systematically and comprehensively map out Singapore’s landscape of tangible heritage – including historic sites and structures – and intangible heritage – traditions and cultures.

Research and documentation projects will concurrently be carried out, and their findings added on to information gleaned from the survey.

The survey includes structures or sites completed before 1980, those associated with historical events which influenced the development of the nation or local community and those with social, cultural or educational significance.

The survey will also attempt to capture detail such as typology, geographical coordinates, architecture and physical condition of the site using maps, newspaper records, archival materials and publications, information on current conditions of the structures, and interviews with locals and other informants.

bukitbrown_tombsA newly-formed heritage advisory panel, comprising eights members, will include experts in fields such as architecture, geography, sociology, anthropology and history to help to guide the survey.

The research data and findings will be made available to other public agencies so that they can factor in heritage considerations when planning for development.

NHB said that it is important to ensure that efforts to preserve our heritage are done together with intensified development.

It is not known if natural heritage or sites already marked for development, such as Bukit Brown will be included.

Adapted from news sources.