Two separate train faults in different service lines on the same day

train service disruption

Total service disruption along North East Line

On 18 March, a member of the public wrote a facebook post to inform that there was a disruption in train service along the North East Line earlier at 9.50 am due to power fault.

However, SBS Transit’s Iris reported the disruption and the resumption of service both at the same time, at about 10.40am.

It stated in its update that commuters may face delays of up to 15 mins in their travelling time. It is unknown if SBS activated bus bridging service for affected commuters.

2nd track fault along North South Line

A reader in the later part of the day, highlighted that there was a track fault between Yew Tee to Kranji (North South Line towards Marina Bay direction) from 2:33pm to 3:14pm.

The train fault was then acknowledged by SMRT on its social media platforms and made available free bus shuttle services between the stations.

This makes the 2nd track fault/inspection in 6 days (between 13 and 18 March) on the rail stretch near Kranji MRT station.