Elderly security guard succumbs to injuries caused while stopping a man urinating at shopping centre

fajar shopping center
Fajar Shopping Centre, Image – Google Maps

Local Chinese newspaper, Shin Min Daily News reported that an elderly security guard died from his injuries from trying to stop a man from urinating at a shopping centre stairwell, following a month of hospitalisation.

The urinating incident is reported to have happened at 11.47pm on 18 November 2014 at Fajar Shopping Centre in Bukit Panjang. The guard, known as Mr Zhou Zhu Qian, 74 tried to stop the man who is suspected to be drunk.

When confronted, the man punched Mr Zhou, who fell to the ground, sustained head injuries. It is also reported that the man who punched Mr Zhou down was the person who called the police and waited for them to arrive. 

Mr Zhou was rushed to the National University Hospital after officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force arrived. It was reported that Mr Zhou fell into a coma while he was in hospital.

Mr Zhou, a security guard with 20 years of experience in the line of security, was on night shift duty at the shopping centre, while the perpetrator, 51 worked at a food stall.

Another guard, aged 60, at the shopping mall told reporters that Mr Zhou had only been working there for a month before the incident, and on the night of the incident they had received a complaint from a member of the public that a drunk man was urinating at the first floor stairwell.

A police spokesperson confirmed that Mr Zhou was conveyed to hospital on 18 November and that he passed away on 22 December. Police also revealed that the perpetrator was detained on 18 December and was charged in court on 20 December.

The food stall worker has already been charged with one charge of causing grievous injury but as the victim has passed away due to his injuries, it is believed that the charge will be amended.