Speeches of #ReturnOurCPF protest event on 12th July

Speeches of #ReturnOurCPF protest event on 12th July

More than a thousand individual turned up at Hong Lim Park to attend the second Central Provident Funds (CPF) protest held on 12th July 2014. This time, the focus of protest was on Medishield Life, a much touted medical healthcare plan by the Singapore government, introduced to improve the existing healthcare scheme, Medishield.

A total of eight speakers took to the stage, speaking not just on CPF issues but also issues pertaining to local governance and the ruling People’s Action Party.
The speeches made during the protest event:
[youtube id=”UtykJd8b2rA” align=”center”]

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[youtube id=”5ktPtOfwI-M” align=”center”]

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