EZ-Link top ups at DBS, OCBC ATMs and AXS stations now require extra surcharge

By Tiffany Gwee

If you are thinking of topping up your EZ-Link card through the AXS stations or at DBS, OCBC ATMs, think again. An additional 20 cents would be charged for every top up at the places listed above.

According to the EZ-Link website, this fee was already implemented from the beginning of July. Before topping up their cards at the stations, a message will be shown on the screen informing consumers of the extra fee of 20 cents.

“Timely to implement fee”

EZ-Link had stated that the top up fee of 20 cents was ignored for a year and the costs were borne by them. This was then “extended to 4 years” to let consumers have “sufficient time” to “try out the service”.

EZ-Link further added that it was “timely to implement the fee given that there are other free top up channels available to consumers”.

Other Free Top Up Channels

It would be still free if consumers decide to top up their EZ-Link cards at places like the Add Value Machines and the General Ticketing Machines located in MRT stations and certain bus interchanges.

It would be free at Transit Link sales offices and at Top-up Machines at People’s Association Community Centres as well.