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SPP: Empathy in a competitive global environment 

Singapore People’s Party’s response to the President’s Address, 16 May 2014 Last night, President Tony Tan delivered his address in opening the second session of the current Parliament. We agree with the President that empathy should be a core value of Singapore. But we face a tough uphill task in this. How do we help youths develop empathy in the …

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118% increase in Minimum Sum over 13 years

By SY Lee and Leong Sze Hian We refer to the article ”Singapore Parliament reopens: CPF schemes for retirement to be improved, says President Tony Tan” (Straits Times,  May 17). CPF schemes to be improved? It states that ” Among the Government’s goals in its second term is to ensure that Singaporeans are adequately prepared for retirement, with enough savings to …

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S’pore airforce pilots use SINGLISH to outsmart US pilots

Hi , I refer to the article: “WHY SINGLISH HAS TO BE DISCOURAGED” Being in the Singapore Airforce for many years already. I would like to share with your readers this story of ours which makes Singlish a very powerful and unique identity for us Singaporeans. The Spore air force went to the US to take part in their Red …

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International Relations – Lessons Learnt From the Past

By Benjamin Mok In 1509, the Venetian Republic found itself under partial occupation, having suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of France and the Holy Roman Empire. Yet, through the efforts of Venetian diplomats, it managed to pull itself out of a worsening situation through a Papal alliance – buying them enough time to eventually turn erstwhile allies against each …

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The President’s speech of motherhood statements

By Masked Crusader President Tony Tan Keng Yam opened the second session of the 12th Parliament on 16 May with an incredibly insipid and hollow speech full of motherhood statements which Singaporeans have already been hearing from the government for the past five years, some very much longer. As if to underline this fact, his speech is blandly entitled “Pledging Ourselves …

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Moments of intense introspection during political journey: Sylvia Lim

Workers’ Party MP, Sylvia Lim, shares her thoughts in her faith and on life at a dinner talk organised by CANA The Catholic Centre which took place on 24 April. Extracts from The Catholic News website report: Ms Lim shared that in the course of her “political journey”, she had experienced moments of intense introspection during which she asked herself …

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