Sylvia Lim, right

Moments of intense introspection during political journey: Sylvia Lim

Sylvia Lim, right
Sylvia Lim, right

Workers’ Party MP, Sylvia Lim, shares her thoughts in her faith and on life at a dinner talk organised by CANA The Catholic Centre which took place on 24 April.

Extracts from The Catholic News website report:

Ms Lim shared that in the course of her “political journey”, she had experienced moments of intense introspection during which she asked herself whether she was doing the right thing, or how long she could or should continue.  

However, every time she experienced doubt, there would be a sign of affirmation from a member of public which encouraged her. At such times, Ms Lim said, she is reminded of God’s presence.  

“Because I always feel whatever we are doing now…whatever vocation we are in…I think God calls us to do these things.” She added that it is important to be “open to God to see whether He wants us to continue or wants us to change course”.  

Responding to questions from the floor, she shared that she would pray whenever she had some major decisions to make. She would also try to follow the daily readings that the Daughters of St Paul offer, and tries to start the day by reading the Word of God. 

Ms Lim was also asked by a member of the audience how she reconciles her Catholic faith with certain policies that may contradict it.

Ms Lim highlighted issues such as the death penalty, casinos and abortion which the Catholic Church has a stand against.

She said that the reality of party politics was that one had to toe the party line unless one was prepared to resign. 

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