S'pore airforce pilots use SINGLISH to outsmart US pilots

Hi , I refer to the article: “WHY SINGLISH HAS TO BE DISCOURAGED
Being in the Singapore Airforce for many years already. I would like to share with your readers this story of ours which makes Singlish a very powerful and unique identity for us Singaporeans.
The Spore air force went to the US to take part in their Red Flag combat exercise.
For the first three days, our F-16 pilots, no matter how much they planned and prepared, they were always ambushed by the USAF F-15s. Then they realized that the USAF pilots were eavesdropping on their conversations (not disallowed by the rules), so they switched from plain English to Singlish/Chinese/Malay.
Suddenly the F-15s lost their magic, and for the last three days, found no way through the defensive screen set up by our F-16s.
So who says Singlish got no use har?
– Originally posted on Asiaone, but link cannot be found.
Image From DefenceTalk
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. — Capt. Lloyd Lin, Republic of Singapore Air Force pilot walks to his F-16CG aircraft parked on the Nellis flight line, July 26, 2010 during Red Flag 10-4. The RSAF is stationed at Luke AFB, pilots and maintenance personnel are assigned to the 425th Fighter Squadron for two years, during which they receive advanced tactics training by participating in Red Flag exercises. (U.S. Air Force photo/Lawrence Crespo)
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