Error spotted on SAFRA’s monthly magazine

By Terry Xu

Print out attached with July/Aug edition of SAFRA’s monthly magazine

Spot any error on this print out? Well, someone spotted an error on this print out attached with the July/August edition of Singapore Armed Forces Reservists Association (SAFRA)’s monthly magazine. Satire news site, New Nation then posted it in their site with the heading, “SAFRA magazine EPIC FAIL, says 49th birthday

For the people who are still lost, this year is the 48th anniversary of Singapore’s independence since our separation from Malaysia on 9 August 1965.

Well, flipping through the magazine to the article on the National Day Celebration with SAFRA. It seems to be a mistake confined to the print out  for the mailing.

The article which is found on page 36 of the magazine clearly writes “…48th years of independence.”

Page 36 of SAFRA's magazine, "48th year of independence"
Page 36 of SAFRA’s magazine, “48th year of independence”

While the error is only on the print out attached with the mail,  it just reminds all of us that everyone is prone to mistake no matter how established you are as an organization.

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