When Tan Meets Tan – Cooling off Day has never been this hot

UPDATE: THIS SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please contact the organisers for more information.

~by: Jewel Philemon~

Sight Lines Entertainment presents its debut production, ‘When Tan Meets Tan’, a political parody musical revue, hot on the heels of the recent four-cornered presidential election.

The show, which will be staged from the 19th to 23rd October at Chamber, The Arts House, features a unique concept where “Four TANS come together in the chamber of the Old Parliament House to campaign, debate, rally and vote. Mayhem ensues as they banter, sing, dance and celebrate the joy of being Uniquely Singaporean.”

Co-producer, Engie Ho, says, “The idea for this show, as you can tell from the title, is as fresh as the current presidential election. However, our goal is also to discuss other political events or news in the past year. Ultimately, we want to celebrate Singapore, the outcome of this year and the hope we have for the future”

The production stars four local Tans as well! Tan Sou Chen (of ‘Chestnuts’ and ‘Cinderel-LAH!’), Karen Tan (of ‘The Hossan Leong Show’ and ‘Model Citizens’), Darius Tan (of ‘The Full Monty’ and ‘Fried Rice Paradise’) and Jo Tan (of ‘The full Monty’ and ‘Unto The Woods’), are set to tickle your funny bone in this never before seen spectacle.

More information on the musical is available HERE. Limited tickets are on sale now at 35 dollars per pop at [email protected].


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