Secret society groups canvassed votes for Lee Kuan Yew

~from: The Straits Times dated April 16, 1958~

“At five meetings which Mr Lee Kuan Yew held in different parts of Tanjong Pagar detectives observed members of secret societies controlling the crowd and generally acting as stewards”, the report says.

“The largest number of secret society members recognised by detectives at any single meeting was at Yan Kit Road on Jun 16, 1957, when no less then 14 members of the 305, 909, and Sio Eng Hiong secret society of 108 group were seen acting as stewards; four members of the Sio Eng Hiong society were also distributing pamphlets.

“At some of these meetings, there were other stewards wearing armbands who appeared to be students.

“We also heard evidence from a detective that on polling day he saw in Duxton Road many cars bearing Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s symbol being driven by members of the Sio Eng Hiong secret society of 108 group, transporting voters to the polling station.

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