Lets strive towards a First World Parliament: WP

Press release by the Workers’ Party.

The Workers’ Party would like to thank all voters, members, friends, volunteers and supporters who have directly and indirectly helped us in our journey towards a First World Parliament in GE 2011!

Thank you, the voters of Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC for giving us your support to vote our candidates into the 12th Parliament of the Republic of Singapore.

Thank you, the voters of East Coast GRC, Nee Soon GRC, Moulmein-Kallang GRC, Joo Chiat SMC, Punggol East SMC, and Sengkang West SMC for your support during GE 2011.

Thank you, members of the Workers’ Party for your selfless sacrifice, dedication and valued contribution all these years leading up to this historic moment.

Thank you, all citizens and netizens of Singapore who have come to support us during our 8 rallies during GE 2011 in person and in cyberspace.

Let us continue to strive together, as all citizens of Singapore, towards a First World Parliament.

The Workers’ Party
9 May 2011


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