Live updates for Tonight’s Rallies – Tuesday, 3 May

The rallies tonight will commence at 7pm.


Our TOC reporter Benjamin Cheah at SDP rally site reports that there are few currently at the rally – just the press, police force, SDP volunteers and half a dozen audiences.


About 50 audiences at the SDP rally now.


Emcee gets crowd to cheer for SDP. About 150 people now at the rally site. A small fraction of the crowd cheers with him.


Ben Cheah at SDP rally site reports: MC tries to rally the crowd again. More people cheer this time. Can’t see the MC from where I’m standing, the MC is not on stage. There is an old man in the crowd criticizing the PAP. ‘Vote PAP, they put 10 toilets. Vote SDP, they put 1 toilet! No money!’ There are threats of references to upgrading facilities.

SDP rally: Man shouts ‘kelong!’ in response to the old man.


SDP rally: Danny the bear arrives. Polite applause from the crowd.


SDP rally: New emcee rakes over. Rally starts. ‘The SDP is a party of ideas and solutions. We do not criticise the government tor no good reason’. Standing next to diehard fan – the old man earlier. His whistleblowing is deafening. He’s right in front, and he doesn’t want the press to photograph him.

Jaslyjln Go starts crowd with cheers. It’s starting to drizzle. “I will stand in the rain with you.’


SDP rally: Jaslyn Go: I may be more fortunate now but I have never forgotten the disadvantaged. She is refering to childhood poverty


Crowd of mostly PAP activists at the Sembawang GRC RALLY tonight. Rally is yet to start.


EVAC at Woodlands Stadium. Crowd rush to leave the field as rain gets heavier.


SDP rally: Jaslyn G: Don’t let the rain take away your support. It’s freaking pouring here.


SDP Teo Soh Lung: we will make sure our education system improves.


SDP TSL: (Singapore) is the tuition nation. … We are a first world nation and tuition should be free.


SDP TSL: If you don’t take action, you won’t have the Swiss standard of living.


SDP John Tan: Every gram of me is local.


Crowd of mostly pap activists at the woodlands stadium. Rally yet start. About 500 pax. crowd entertaining themselves with clappers and whistles.

SDP John Tan is speaking in Teochew about his childhood.


NSP rally: Starting to rain in Choa Chu Kang Stadium. “Even if the lightning comes I will not move!” – Nor Lella

SDP John Tan: Government is drumming things into our head that are not true.


SDP John Tan: Govt calls overseas coalition govt ‘rojak’. I’m singaporean and rojak is good.

How can we call ourselves an open market when 60% of companies are indirectly linked to the government?


SDP JT: we want to close down Temasek Holdings and GLC, and invest in Singaporeans.


SDP JT: we want true singapore enterprises rising up.


SDP : Emcee acknowledges rain, leads cheers. Ang Yong Guan up to speak next.


Nor Lella Mardiiah, NSP candidate for CCK GRC: ‘What does PAP stand for? Pick Another Party! And that will be NSP!’ First loud cheers from the audience.


SDP Ang Yong Guan: this country belongs to the people. The people are angry. Country is beautiful and rich, but people are not happy.


NSP rally: Yip Yew Weng: the PAP finally admitted mistakes today. Audience: too late! Too late!!

SDP AYG: We want the PAP to apologise for next 5 years. He refers to getting the Opposition into parliament.


WP Eric Tan up on stage now: ‘The PAP appears to be changing it’s tactics but I tell u a leopard never change its spots.’


SDP rally: Audience members grumbling about minister salaries.

AYG: All of Singapore is dangerous (to PAP!)


SDP AYG has spoken in Hokkien. He is speaking in Mandarin now. ‘We want stronger opposition.’


WP Eric Tan: PAP threaten u that u will regret if u vote the WP. People of Singapore, u have a right to be free from fear. PAP no longer represents us if they use fear and threaten us.

SDP AYG: “Vote for us and Singapore will have everything to gain and nothing to lose.’


SDP AYG said in Chinese: ‘Say what you feel to government.’


SDP AYG: For too long, the ppl have no power. AYG leaves to fanfare. TOC reporter’s ears are ringing.


Worker’s Party: Upgrading should depends on the needs, not which party u come from.


PAP rally: Still waiting for the rain to stop at Woodlands Stadium.


WP: Singaporeans we enjoy our food roti prata rojak we cannot understand why the PAP don’t understand why we like rojak . Maybe because it is too colorful. They like white porridge because it’s all white.


SDP Michelle Lee speaks. Crowd cheers every other sentence.

WP Crowds chant rojak!


WP Pongol East SMC Ms Lee Lilian is up.

She was speaking in Cantonese: ‘Use your wp umbrella to block yourself from rain thunder and lightning.’ She is now speaking in English.

SDP Michelle Lee: We are all talent. We all do our best for Singapore. It still makes me sad that the govt values so little the people it serves. It is not true that there is not enough talent (in singapore). The govt should be the servant of the people, not the master.


NSP rally: Mr Jesilan speaks on CPF and cost of living in Tamil.


Percussionists at Woodlands Stadium Rally. Speeches yet to start.

SDP ML talks about free education, growing of service sector, and affordable healthcare. “PAP does not believe in a better tomorrow.” She is referring to Dr Vivian Balakrishnan of his criticisms of SDP plans.

Jesilan, NSP: first world country, third world wages… Can you bear with the PAP? *a resounding ‘no’ from audience*


WP Ms Lee: How do u build a strong community when after elections u break up each places at the slightest hint of opposition? Is this community building or community breaking?


Jesilan NSP- PAP keeps repeating abt their track record and their track record… Like a broken record. How can you merely compare ourselves with 40 yrs ago?


Rain is getting heavier at SDP rally site.

WP Ms Lee: As opposition we only knew about this new SMC in Feb. Is this fair ?


SDP rally: Crowd boos Vivian B., shouts of ‘Shameful!’


SDP rally: ML: do you want to wait twenty years for the result? Ref to VB’s remarks on long-term problems


WP Fang takes the stage. He begins with ‘huat ah!’ He says, “Every night when you turn up with such big numbers, the PAP will give you goodies. Last week they promised you there will be no GST increases. This country does not need overpaid and arrogant ministers. We do not hide behind some GRC and walk into parliament without a fight.”

SDP ML: YOG budget overruns could be used to build 10 more community centres.


SDP ML: My voice is not my own. It is yours… We are not here to wayang.


SDP ML: Let the govt feel shame! She refers to no covered walkways in Potong Pasir and Hougang, both areas are under opposition parties.


SDP ML: what is important to you is important to us.

PAP rally: Rally starts in sembawang. Khaw criticises James Gomez’s comment abou door to door walkabouts being outdated – if  u have a wedding in your house , do you send email or go to every house to deliver invitation?

Khaw says ‘Doctors are concerned with me going to door to door. but i am still doing okay.’


SDP ML: Vote for your future. She leaves to cheers.

Tan Jee Say appears. People chant his name.


WP Sengkang West Coast GRC Koh Choon Yong is up.


SDP TJS: what’s wrong with rojak? Isn’t rojak nice to eat?

Audience member shouts : Lim Sia Sui!


Hazel Poa NSP: Your presence today shows that you have fire in your bellies that cannot be put out by the rain.


SDP TJS: Soon, rojak will be the world’s fave dish! Refers to coalition govt around the world.


SDP TJS: Everyone is impt to a coalition govt! PAP wants dominant govt! They only want to reward supporters!

Old man at SDP rally: this is char kuay teow gvt!

PAP rally: Chan Chun Sing drenched in the rain at Woodlands Stadium.


NSP Hazel Poa: If citizens don’t come first, why should they feel the need to defend the country?


SDP TJS: we can walk the talk! The PAP only talk the talk!

Audience member: my vote for you!


SDP TJS: you have been overtaxed!

He continues to explain of budget surpluses.


SDP TJS: You don’t owe the PAP any more gratitude! Audience: send (health minister) to JB!

PAP Khaw criticises opposition’s proposal for nationalised healthcare insurance system. “Medisave avoids all the pitfalls that come with these schemes.”


SDP TJS: thousands of people have voted opposition without repercussions.

Crowd member: No need to fear if SDP is here!

WP Low Thia Kiang arrives. Rain gets heavier.

PAP Khaw: Top leaders from overseas come here and admire our system. But they lament that they can’t implement back home because of their divisive politics.


PAP Khaw: It’s easy for the opposition to make a healthcare wishlist. But where will they get the resources, has it been well thought through? If there are good ideas, even if they are from opposition, i will implement them.


SDP TJS: Give your vote to the party that gives you hope! he leaves the stage. James Gomez steps up to cheers.

Crowd member: turn the PAP upside down!

SDP Gomez mentions Khaw Boon Wan’s current speech criticising him.

NSP Hazel Poa to PAP: Don’t just dismiss foreign talent issue as xenophobia. Address the problem. Is PAP sincere about it?


SDP Gomez: i can criticise in real time using iphone app! He cannot whack!

Gomez announces SDP’s shadow health care called healing with care. He is referencing to Khaw’s current speech on healthcare.


Emcee at NSP rally says, “I live in Nee Soon, and the PAP guys gave me this card asking me to vote for them. I tell you, i’m going to vote for Workers’ Party.”


WP’s next speaker Yu Zheng Zong.

PAP rally: Can look forward to more development in Woodlands as railway station moves here in July. We can look forward to making the north an outstanding gateway to Singapore.


SDP Gomez says healthcare funding flawed. Medisave, medishield, medifund are problematic.


NSP Nicole Seah arrives. “so sorry we”re late, there was a terrible jam on the PIE.”


SDP Gomez: Medisave not enough money, medishield insufficient coverage, medifund means there’s no enough money to pay for healthcare.


SDP Gmoez suggests to triple Health Ministry budget. To do that, Gomez says to reduce budget from other ministries and draw from reserves to compensate.


SDP Gomez proposes globally portable medical insurance policy.


SDP Gomez suggests to increase hospital beds and staff. Use void decks as healthcare stationd for people with acute illnesses in interim period.


TOC reporter at NSP rally: Just as speaker mentions the Men in White, the person in front of me opens up an umbrella that has an advert for skincare products with the slogan- ‘Visible Whitening’.


WP Yu: George Yeo recently say that no one really cares about high salaries of minister is it true?

Crowd : no!

Yu: I think he should come for WP rally


SDP Gomez: I hope Khaw Boon Wan notices, because we are going to Sembawang to get rid of him. Gomez mentions FB update on KBW’s speech. Says he can still catch his speech. Leaves to fanfare.


SDP Vincent W. appears. Loud cheers, chants of ‘Vincent!’

VW: We cannot stop the rain. Dr Gomez is currently working in a shadow plan to do that next time.


SDP VW: (the govt) makes money off us first thing in the morning.


Tony Tan of NSP propses an independent commission to decide ministers’ pay. ‘Why haven’t i heard anyone recommend this before!’


SDP VW: I’m working hard because my employer is waiting for a chance to throw me out. Hypothetical example, refers to foreign workers.

VW: ERP not working because of traffic jams.


VW talks about cost of living.

Audience member: some days i cannot even drink my beer.

VW smiles, says: stop drinking.


TOC reporter at WP rally: Rain is getting heavier but more people are filling the field.


SDP VW: if we cannot pay for healthcare, PAP asks you to go and die in JB.

VW stops and asks for a minute to organise papers. Then says he can’t, will speak off the cuff.


VW: Our hearts bleed for our nation. Every time i see an old lady picking up rubbish, i see my grandmother, i see ur grandmother. This cannot continue.


NSP rally: Emcee informs audience of tmr’s rally at tampines. “come and hear what we have to say about Mah Bow Tan.”

SDP VW: There is one thing the govt cannot accuse us of – our intentions.


NSP Rally: Rain reduces to a drizzle, umbrellas are down and people are surging forward back to the field.


WP Low Thia Kiang is up. Crowd chants ‘worker’s party!’ Low addresses the crowd in Chinese.


SDP VW: our children and our grandchildren are equally impt (ref to assets). if we steal from our children, we steal from their children and grandchildren. He ends the speech with crowd in cheers.


Jeanette Chong Aruldoss NSP: I’m not here today to talk abt myself, but about my friends Tony, Hazel & Jesilan. They could have done just nothing, but the best way to overturn bad policies is to be your voice in parliament.


SDP rally: Alec Tok to speak next. Rain finally stops.


WP Low: The Prime Minister has personally came down to aljunied to campaign for pap even though the Aljunied team is lead by two ministers and the future speaker. Crowd goes boo and jeers.

SDP rally: Tok speaks about what it means to live in Bukit Panjang SMC in Chinese.


SDP Tok: Today is a historical day. Lee Hsien Loong has apologised to us in the media. Crowd boos.

Tok asks the crowd: “Do you think ‘if’ was used appropriately? (LHL said, if I have done wrong, I apologise’)”


Audience member at SDP Rally yells: foreigners out!


SDP Tok: Does LHL think that linking upgrading to votes is unfair?


WP rally: Pritam Singh is up.


SDP Tok: Last time, I need 10 yrs to buy a flat. Now young people need 20 to 30 yrs…We should focus on fundamental problems. Don’t let upgrading overshadow fundamental problems.


SDP Tok: We need to think about Singaporeans (instead of upgrading).


WP : Singapore is all we have and Singapore is bigger than the PAP.

SDP Tok: 50 yrs ago, A team can. 10 yrs ago, B team can. But can a ‘just pass’ team can? Ref to PAP self-grading of cabinet ministers. ‘We have an A team.’


Tok says SDP is as tough as lalang, not like flowers in a greenhouse.


NSP rally: Nicole Seah speaks in Malay.

WP Pritam Singh urges singaporeans to vote for a first world parliament where there is dialogue and debate. Crowd chants ‘Worker’s Party!’


SDP Tok: Your vote is secret… We will make sure nobody notes down how you vote. Today, we tell (the PAP) we are not afraid if the rain.

SDP Tok : Ask Dr Teo of PAP if can build polyclinic here.

Tok also asks if the govt will deny upgrading if people vote for the opposition.


Nicole Seah in Mandarin: no one shall be left behind… Let us reclaim our country!


SDP Tok: PAP’s image in New Media is getting poorer. Don’t put a cross on the lightning bolt. Put the cross on the rocket! Speech ends.

WP rally ends.

SDP emcee: Vote for (other SDP members) and you will enter parliament!


NSP: Nicole Seah to PAP: where were you in the past 5 yrs when Singaporeans needed you? Why is help only given starting last week? Who’s the populist party?


SDP rally ends. Crowd chants ‘SDP! SDP!’

Crowd members: ‘It’s now or never! See you in Parliament!’


NSP rally ends.


TOC reporter at SDP rally: A member of the public asked Mr Alec Tok to bring up the issue of cars. Earlier there were reports from the ground that there were many cars that are not allowed to enter the carparks near the SDP rally site. There were reportedly also a lot of summon officers patrolling.


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