SDP: Choice of political system is the will of Singaporeans, not PAP

There is no need for the PAP to split itself to provide a two-party system in Singapore. The PAP must stop belittling and patronizing Singaporeans.

We believe that Singaporeans are talented and can provide the leadership necessary for the political system we want.

Singaporeans will decide the political system, not the PAP.

There is no need for the PAP to do anything with itself but to ensure a free and fair election system and a free and pluralistic media.

The Singapore Democrats want to remind the PAP that this elections is about the people of Singapore and the solutions needed to reduce the economic hardship caused by PAP`s bad policies.

The SDP calls on the PAP to stop talking itself up, its candidates and its long term survivability and to immediately release its election manifesto.

We and the people want to scrutinize what programs the PAP is going to introduce to alleviate the suffering of Singaporeans.

Dr James Gomez
for the Singapore Democratic Party

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