Cut the president’s pay

The following is an excerpt of an article posted on March 12, 2011 by Yawning Bread.

President S R Nathan is getting a salary increase of a whopping 26.4 percent. I knew inflation in Singapore is bad right now, but is it that bad? As it turns out, inflation is “only” 5.5 percent (Jan 2011 compared with Jan 2010). This means the president is getting a salary increase five times the inflation rate.

What gives?

As reported in the Straits Times, 11 March 2011, Parliament has just approved an S$11.6 million budget for the Civil List, a term that denotes the expenses connected with the office of the President of the Republic. It represents an increase of S$1.25 million, or 12 percent. Of this increase, the bulk of it — $890,700 — will be the upward padding of the president’s salary. It goes from S$3,376,800 to S$4,267,500.

The budget for staff salaries, however, will rise from from S$4,060,800 to S$4,532,400, an increase of S$471,600 or 11.6 percent.

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