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Lim Ching Siong says: I’m not a communist

The following was written by Lim Ching Siong and published in The Straits Times on 31 July 1961. Your editorial comments and news reports in the law week have focused attack on me. By repeating the fiction that I am a Communist front-man. I suppose my political antagonists hope that it would stick in the minds of some. While Mr. …

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The Battle for Merger re-staged: SG 50 and the art of shadow boxing

(Chinese text: Lim Chin Siong (editor), The Present Tasks in the Constitutional Struggle. The first in a series of compilation of speeches and essays  on merger published in 阵线报 the Chinese language paper of the Barisan Sosialis. Courtesy of Ong Sooi Eng 王瑞荣) By Hong Lysa Pomp and Circumstance A few weeks ago, those in Singapore who listen to ministerial speeches would …

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Living with Myths and revisiting Singapore’s popular history  

By Terry Xu The banning of “To Singapore With Love” and the corresponding response from the Singapore government toward it would have sparked renewed interest in the history of Singapore. Not all of such interest, however, is directed at the re-print of “The Battle For Merger”, the transcripts of a series of radio broadcasts by former Prime Minister Leee Kuan …

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Whose decision was it to close Nantah?

The following is translated from an original article, written by 太史公孙, first posted on the Nantah Alumni website. As far as possible, we have attempted to keep the translation faithful to the original text. By Terry Xu The only Chinese university outside of China that was painstakingly built up by community leaders in Singapore and Malaysia , Nanyang University (“Nantah” as abbreviated …

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Do not print pictures of me smiling – Lee Kuan Yew

The United Kingdom (UK) introduced the Freedom of Information Act in 2000. It allows members of the public access to otherwise confidential papers in the possession of “public authorities”. The UK released papers pertaining to Singapore’s independence several years ago. Below is a copy of a memo which was sent by a UK official in Singapore to the office in …

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