Indian PMET lady thinks there is strong demand for talents in privilege banking in Singapore

An Indian PMET lady submitted a writing to seeking advice to work in Singapore. eFinancialCareers is a global financial markets career site for investment banking, asset management and securities professionals, operated by DHI Group, a US public listed company that operates a network of global job search and news websites. The Indian lady said she is a “mass-affluent banker” …

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Micron says its new Woodlands facility would add further 1,500 jobs; Tax breaks of at least US$2.1 tax breaks received from SG govt in FY 2018 and FY2019

It was reported in the media today that Micron’s new expanded facility in Woodlands would be helping to add a further 1,500 jobs in Singapore over the next few years (‘Micron plans to add 1,500 more jobs to its Singapore operations‘, 15 Aug). But of course, nothing comes free in this world. In return for Micron’s “commitment” to invest in …

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