DHL Express advances sustainability agenda with the launch of electric vans in Indonesia

DHL Express advances sustainability agenda with the launch of electric vans in Indonesia

JAKARTA, INDONESIA — DHL Express, the global leader in international express delivery, is taking a significant stride towards sustainable operations with the launch of 24 electric delivery vans in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia. The electrification of the fleet will result in a projected reduction of 177 tons of carbon emissions annually, according to the company’s statement.

These new electric vehicles (EVs) enhance DHL’s ongoing effort to lessen its environmental impact and support global climate protection. They join the four electric vans and six electric bikes already in operation in Jakarta and Surabaya.

John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, highlighted the need for the logistics sector to be proactive in minimizing carbon emissions. “According to the Climate Transparency Report, the transportation sector was responsible for nearly 24.9% of Indonesia’s total carbon emissions in 2021. The logistics sector, being an economic backbone, must take responsibility and play its part in carbon reduction,” he stated.

Pearson further emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainability, outlining that DHL has a “clear roadmap to achieving that and will not cease to identify new and available solutions to support our mission. This means taking real action and working with like-minded partners to help us drive our sustainability targets.”

Ken Lee, CEO, DHL Express Asia Pacific, echoed Pearson’s sentiments. “More than ever, we are focused on cleaner and greener operations. This encompasses all our processes from loading the planes to route-planning for our couriers,” Lee said. He added that the electric vehicle fleet expansion in Indonesia and the newly introduced GoGreen Plus service, which enables customers to offset carbon emissions, are evidence of the company’s progress in the sustainability realm.

Ahmad Mohamad, Senior Technical Advisor, DHL Express Indonesia, stated that the deployment of electric vehicles is only the beginning of the company’s broader sustainability plans. “In the coming years, we will continue to transition our fleet to electric vehicles and expand their availability to other cities. We also plan to invest in other low-carbon solutions, such as e-trucks and solar panels for our facilities in Indonesia,” he said.

This initiative aligns with Deutsche Post DHL Group’s Sustainability Roadmap, which announced a total investment of EUR 7 billion by 2030 in CO2 reduction measures. One of the key targets within this roadmap is to electrify 60% of the last-mile delivery fleet across the Group.

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