allows job posting seeking European/Westerner candidates on its portal allows job posting seeking European/Westerner candidates on its portal

A local company called Ramo Industries has advertised a vacancy for Business Development Manager on Government job-matching portal, The job advertisement was published on the job portal on 26 August (Wednesday).

Based on the job requirement of the position, the company—which is a Singapore-based firm that offers engineering, procurement and construction services—is seeking for candidates who are either European or Western.

If that’s not all, a quick look on the company’s website also shows that it has ongoing and completed projects with the Housing & Development Board (HDB) as well as Jurong Town Council.

Additionally, the Business Development Manager position which is advertised is also based in Singapore, and the salary offered ranges between S$8,000 to S$12,000.

For those who are not aware, is a job portal initiated by the Government to provide Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents with a fast and smart job search service to match them with suitable jobs, based on their skills and competencies.

It also highlights jobs which are eligible for Government support via Workforce Singapore’s (WSG) Adapt and Grow Initiative.

In fact, the portal was developed by WSG, in partnership with Government Technology Agency.

As such, this brings us to a very important question. Given that this job portal is a Government initiative, then why did it allow the company to include such a preference as one of its job requirements?

If the job advertisement had stated, Chinese preferred, would it have been allowed?

TOC has contacted both and Ramo Industries for their comments on this matter two weeks ago, and we have yet to receive a response from them.

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