Pritam Singh calls for donation for party’s bid in upcoming General Election

WP chief reaffirms commitment to being "rational" and "responsible" opposition in Parliament

Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh has called for donations in preparation for the next General Election (GE), which observers predict will be held as early as next month.

Further fanning speculations of an impending GE, the Election Department today released its preliminary campaigning guidelines for the next GE, which it said is in line with the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s guidelines for Phase Two, post-circuit breaker.

The announcement of these guidelines, however, is unrelated to the timing of the GE, said ELD. The timing of the next GE will be decided by the Prime Minister, it added.

Mr Singh, who took the reins of WP’s leadership from past secretary-general Low Thia Khiang in April 2018, reaffirmed the party’s commitment to continue practising “a rational and responsible opposition politics” in line with Mr Low’s vision.

“Since Mr Low took over the WP in 2001, the Party has had to pivot very differently to ensure that an opposition can not only survive, but thrive and play an effective check and balance role in the national interest.

“Mr Low decided. The Party agreed. It was going to be a rational and responsible opposition politics, no matter what,” said Mr Singh in a Facebook post on Thursday (18 June).

The “adversarial” nature of politics universally — including in Singapore — has not prevented “ordinary Singaporeans” from standing as election candidates for WP, Mr Singh added.

“After all, a desire for fairness, justice and equality is a human emotion, felt by all, and it extends to politics too,” he said.

WP parliamentarians, said Mr Singh, will abide by their constitutional oath to “faithfully discharge our duties, to the best of our abilities, to bear true faith and allegiance to Singapore, and to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution”.

The oath, he said, will be WP’s “guiding light as we walk with Singapore”.

“Looking ahead, and more than ever in an uncertain world, this approach will require us to see beyond the horizon, beyond partisan politics, so as to fight for the betterment of Singapore and Singaporeans.

“Make a donation, no matter how big or small, so that a rational and responsible opposition is always there to keep our politics fair, just and balanced. Since 1957. All-weather. Through thick or thin,” said Mr Singh.

WP is the only opposition party to have representation in Parliament currently.

Those wishing to donate to WP can do so here.

“We don’t have many 5 years to get things right”: WP’s Kenneth Foo calls for volunteers in preparation of next GE

Last week, Workers’ Party (WP) member Kenneth Foo said that Singaporeans will benefit greatly from having a credible voice and a strong opposition in Parliament, as a good check and balance mechanism will push the Government to perform at its very best — and the people “do not have many 5 years to get things right”.

In a Facebook post on 10 June, Mr Foo recalled thanking Low Thia Khiang — chief of WP at the time — via email in May 2006 for his “fearless voice” in Parliament and “for doing so much to take care of Hougang residents”.

Moved by the work Mr Low had done for residents in his constituency, Mr Foo said that he had then decided to volunteer for WP.

He met Mr Low four days later at a Meet the People Session and “never looked back since”.

Beyond the “good work” Mr Low and WP have done in the ward, Mr Foo stressed that the need for more voices in Parliament was one of the reasons why it was important for him to volunteer with WP.

Mr Low’s speeches and debates in Parliament, he added, have demonstrated his rationality as well as the Party’s in their process of fighting for justice and democracy for Singaporeans.

“From the campaigns before where national resources were used to lure voters to talking about rubbish piling to a few levels high. It is just not right,” said Mr Foo, noting that it was Mr Low and WP who had debunked the myth.

“Secondly, although I am not highly educated, I think I can contribute in my own small ways. Because every effort counts. He cannot do it alone.

“Even if it means to do mundane and manual work, it’s ok. I am serving fellow residents and Singaporeans. I should be proud of it,” said Mr Foo.

Noting that the next election “may be called sooner than later”, Mr Foo stressed: “We don’t have many 5 years to get things right.”

“Volunteer for WP, for your rights, for your future. We can make a difference,” said Mr Foo.

Non-Constituency Member of Parliament Gerald Giam in another Facebook post said that WP will be requiring “a massive number of volunteers to help with everything from manning polling agent posts to helping our candidates during house-to-house visits”.

“There is a part for everyone who has a heart for Singapore and an eye on our future,” he said, including those who have never volunteered with a political party before.

Individuals keen on volunteering for WP may sign up here.

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