ST: Erramalli no longer with JP Morgan but his leaving not caused by condo incident

It was reported that a stern warning has been issued by the police to Ramesh Erramalli, a new citizen who verbally abused a security guard at his condominium in October last year.

Another four were given warnings for harassing Erramalli after a video of the incident spread on social media.

The police said that the investigations into the incident involving Erramalli have been concluded. In consultation with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), the culprit was given a stern warning for “intentionally causing harassment” to the security guard.

Meanwhile, ST reported that Erramalli is no longer with the bank, although his leaving was not caused by the incident.

What happened?

Erramalli was caught on video yelling and swearing at the top of his voice after being told by the senior security supervisor that he needed to pay parking fees for guests visiting the condo.

He was heard telling security officers that he bought his apartment for $1.5 million, and that it was not a Housing Board flat.

On Facebook after the video went viral, Erramalli commented in a closed Facebook group for condo residents that the security officer was “bullying” his visitor by asking what time he was going to leave.

“In what capacity the security can decide on what time my visitor should leave,” the man wrote. “He (security officer) was not allowing my visitor to enter when the time of entry was 10.30pm and not even 11.”

“When I went down I asked the security to give me the receipt and I will deal with the management but he insisted to pay (sic). Again in what capacity he must ask me to pay when I myself dosnt (sic) know what time my visitor would leave,” he added.

He said that his Deepavali weekend was ruined by the incident as he had subsequently received more than 200 threatening calls, after disclosing his mobile number in the viral video.

Following the incident, the Association of Certified Security Agencies (ACSA) issued a public statement condemning the behaviour of the resident. The association also applauded the conduct of the security guard who remained calm, composed, and professional in what was described as a “tense situation”.

The association also stressed that it does not tolerate the abuse of security officers whilst they are discharging their duties.

A police report was then made by the security guard against Erramalli. The Association also requested for the AG to press for a deterrent sentence and for the authorities to cover security officers as public service workers under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA).

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