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LTA warns against converting e-scooters into personal mobility aids; action will be taken to “irresponsible” vendors

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has issued a warning against the modification of electric scooters into personal mobility aids (PMAs), adding that action will be taken to “irresponsible” vendors offering such a service as well as users who partake in it.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (13 Nov), the LTA said that it has seen online advertisements from vendors offering a loophole for e-scooter users affected by the recent ban as they claim to be able to perform such modifications.

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The ban, which came into commencement on 5 November, prohibits the riding of e-scooters on all footpaths. However, PMAs – such as wheelchairs, motorised wheelchairs, and mobility scooters – are not affected by the ban.

“These are irresponsible vendors, as such modifications will compromise the original device’s electrical and mechanical systems as well as structural integrity, void its safety certifications, and importantly, pose safety risks to both the user and the public,” noted the LTA in the post.

“LTA will not hesitate to take enforcement action against those who wilfully disregard stipulated criteria and those who conduct such irresponsible modifications,” it added.

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Typically used by the elderly or those with mobility challenges, PMAs usually have three or more wheels for stability, with a footboard supported by the wheels, as well as a seat for the user who is unable to stand.

Most PMAs comply to international standards, such as ISO7176 and EN12184, for safety and performance.

Their maximum speed is capped at 10km/hour.

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