PSP CEC member: Redwire Times’ claim about PSP candidate unfounded and without basis

Progress Singapore Party has denied the claim by local social-political site, Redwire Times that business woman and activist, Hani Mohamed will be inducted as its candidate for the upcoming General Election.

In its article, “GE Insider: Hani Mohamed expected to Contest for “Cheng Bock’s Angels”, aka Progress Singapore Party”, Redwire Times attributed the claim of Ms Hani’s supposed induction to its sources, without mentioning if the sources are within or outside PSP.

When queried by TOC, Mr Alex Tan Tiong Hee, a member of the Central Executive Committee rubbished the report, saying that the claim is unfounded and without basis.

Mr Tan further went to castigate Redwire Times by saying, “While we support the presence of alternative media outlets, such reporting is irresponsible journalism and creates a bad image of alternative media.”

PSP which is headed by former People’s Action Party Member of Parliament, Dr Tan Cheng Bock was officially launched earlier in July and since then, the party has drawn a lot of attention from the public and speculations as to whom the party will field as candidates in the upcoming general election.

Typically, opposition parties do not reveal the names of their candidates before closing to the date of election. This is because of the fear of candidates’ background being throughly scrutinised by the establishment or intimidated before campaigning commence.